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Man Sparks Outrage After Sharing His Unpopular Opinion About Mothers Who Gave Birth Via CS

Man Sparks Outrage After Sharing His Unpopular Opinion About Mothers Who Gave Birth Via CS

A man has sparked outrage on Twitter after he made an insensitive comment about women who gave birth through caesarean section (CS).

The man, a computer scientist from Kenya, opined in a post he shared on the microblogging platform that women who gave birth via cesarean section (CS) don’t love their children as much as women who gave birth naturally.

According to him, women who gave birth through CS don’t love their children enough because they don’t know the pain of giving birth.

He noted that they didn’t labor enough for the child, and the only experience of childbirth they have is surgery pain, which is reduced by anesthetic drugs.

He tweeted:

“UNPOPULAR OPINION: Mothers who gave birth through cesarean section(CS) don’t know the pain of giving birth. They didn’t labor enough for the child hence they don’t really love their children.

They only know surgery pain which is reduced by anesthetic drugs. Anyway, what do I know?”

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His tweet as expected sparked outrage, with many pointing out his ignorance, yet he doubled down on his stance and said someone close to him gave birth 3 times via CS.

Reacting, a Twitter user @LauraJackieCar2 wrote,

“Unbelievable! So being cut and opened up has become the new ecstasy? Even being pregnant for 9 months isn’t pain enough to love a child?”

@gbaoo added,

“Labour Pain can be intensed but shorter to the pain of CS, after many years the pain sensations and the scar remains for life. Don’t compare the two childbirth mode. I know how it is because I experienced it. It made me love my spouse better than before, seeing her slashed opened”.


Black women have too many issues. they will never let a sleeping dog lie. this one is definitely peppering someone. you would rarely hear such from white. Just be grateful you have a child and stop comparing yourself with others. many are praying to have a child of their own .. CS or VD is not even an issue to worry about. The pain of childlessness is greater that whatever pain experienced during delivery. .. Dudu says so. this is coming from a man.

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@Anon Even: 

Erm. Oga, it was said by a man. A man who has never given birth is speaking for women. I have had a natural birth and two CS and I can tell you the pain for the CS was a lot more. Took much longer for me to heal too. The love I have for my kids is the same. African men really need to calm down sometimes. See what I did there? Exactly! DONT GENERALIZE.


As a mom with kids via vaginal delivery and sisters who had to go through the horrors of a c-section, at first, I was baffled and outraged when I saw this. And then I saw that it was written by a man. Ladies, let him have his five minutes of fame. Foolishness is not far from most.


I don’t understand how some women have shallow thinking. Do they think a CS is just lying down and getting up after three minutes? It’s a major surgery that some women lose their lives in it. Some women have narrow birth canals and can only have their kids via CS. Some women need mental deliverance over this child birth issue and should stop playing God.

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