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Young Lady Shares Her Parents’ Derogatory Response To Her Request For An iPhone 8 As Birthday Gift (video)

Young Lady Shares Her Parents’ Derogatory Response To Her Request For An iPhone 8 As Birthday Gift (video)

A young Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her parents’ response to her request for an iPhone 8 as birthday gift.

In a video shared on TikTok, the lady was captured in a car with her parents as they expressed their displeasure about her request for an iPhone.

The father, said to be a pastor, was heard telling her to sell her body to raise money to buy herself an iPhone if that’s what she wants.

He repeatedly said he has not seen anything that shows that his future is secured with her and expressed gratitude that he has other children.

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The angry father continued by stating that even students who have gained admission to study medicine haven’t asked for an iPhone, whereas she, who has not yet gained admission to study Yoruba, is making such a request.

He urged her to quickly gain admission and leave his house. He further claimed that most girls who use an iPhone are corrupt and his daughter, whom he said is ‘already corrupt more than corruption itself’, can also tow that lane.

In his defense, he said his daughter should have asked him to start saving money for her school fee and not ask for an iPhone.

The mother, who interjected with remarks, supported her husband and accused her daughter of constantly causing her ‘pain.’

Below are reactions from social media users:

@Desmond wrote:

What is coming out from this parent is not encouraging. It’s not a bad thing for your daughter to request for a birthday gift, if you don’t have it simple tell her not using foul words. She is not asking for expensive phone, iPhone 8 is even cheaper now, poor mentality from the parents.

@Nike added:

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Is this a joke or what, naaa your heart is evil to say think this. I don’t blame her parents at all as a result of your post bcos her mum testified that she’s bringing problems, meaning this is probably not her first time going off their income bracket. I noticed she clearly has a working phone which means she’s not satisfied with that. I noticed she’s pretty and she knows that too, it’s in her tiktok moniker and this means that someone is out there bursting her head with gifts and monies and forkinggg her too, so she’s using the pretty privilege. I might be wrong tho. I noticed she’s from a poor background but has mixed up with the middle class kids who might have iphones too. The summary of my post is that this child is going astray. How can you post your parents recordings and she’s not flinching in the video, I swear this girl must have received gbola. I wish the parents can see this video, she even posted it. Guys I also noticed that her parents are not internet savvy or the online types with social media profiles. The parents scolded her wrongly but this girl is going wayward.

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@Anonymous wrote:

Them they let her know now say they cannot be blackmailed or manipulated by her. Because them b pastors.. make she no threaten them with going “haywire “. If no be over-pampering. Pikin go boldly dey record d parents address and post it….. Can u even try that with a boss u work for?

@Bianca added:

There’s nothing like Nigerian parents. This is how young people kill or destroy themselves in the name of technology. In China, girls like this are some of the people producing this iphone in apple but can I tell you what? They don’t even use it. This girl is spiritually under the influence of Ndi Otu spirits which usually manifests once a child is attaining adolescent stage. It’s aim is either to be settled to allow you live your life or it will destroy the girls future either by leading her into reckless lifestyle, no marriage, toxic marriage or relationship, only good for sex and not good for marriage most times, all forms of destructive measures. The aim of Ndi Otu spirits is to make your life regrettable. Even when you marry, it is either you die through pregnancy or delivery or they make you uncomfortable in the marriage until you divorce your husband. Your husband will marry another person and the marriage will work fine but for you whom they’re after, you will keep roaming about complaining and prostituting around. If it is with a man, the same thing applies too, bad luck everywhere. It is very terrible. It is something you came to the world in agreement with. There’s good spirit and bad spirit that follow people to this life. You need to do away with anyone disturbing and increase power for the good ones to keep supporting you in life. I just mentioned a few. Most young girls and boys have this issue but not all. Check yourself spiritually and go for deliverance or settlement so they can leave you alone to reason well and live your life well. Believe it or not, I don’t care. When the wahala comes to assuming you have it, no body cares if you believe or not. A lot of agreements happened in the spirit before you were born. Go and ask questions. Don’t live loosely or the enemy will bribe them in the spirit to deal with you. That’s what the occult use as well.

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