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‘I Dated My Ex-husband For 10 Years But Our Marriage Didn’t Last One Year’ -Star Actress, Ronke Ojo Opens Up (Video)

‘I Dated My Ex-husband For 10 Years But Our Marriage Didn’t Last One Year’ -Star Actress, Ronke Ojo Opens Up (Video)

Popular Nollywood actress, Ronke Ojo popularly known as Oshodi-Oke, has shed more light on her failed marriage that didn’t last a year.

The mother of two in a recent interview with her colleague, Biola Bayo, explained that though her ex husband was a nice man, he is ultimately not a husband material.

The celebrity mum revealed that they dated for 10 years before getting married officially, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in less than a year.

At the time, people criticized her for marrying a handsome man but she clarified that she didn’t marry him for his looks.

Speaking further, the 49-year-old movie star claimed that her husband was unfaithful to her throughout their time together.

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She had earlier shared some candid details about her failed marriage and the psychological toll it took on her on a the program ‘Talk To B’ .

According to her, the news of the crash almost drove her insane. Ronke emphasized that the emotional upheaval of her broken marriage left her emotionally unstable to the point where she almost went naked in the streets.

She continued by saying that her late friend, the late actress Orisabunmi, had intervened to prevent her from leaving the house in that way.

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“At a point, I almost lost my sanity, like mo fe ya were. I got out of my ex-husband’s room naked, I was going to walk outside naked. It was Bunmi, may her soul rest in perfect peace who drew me back. I was about to walk out butt naked.”

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She described the trauma she underwent as “mental torture” and said she wouldn’t want it on anyone.

She then urged ladies to understand the difference between a man who doesn’t care about his woman and a man who is poor.

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