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‘I Entered Canada As A Married Woman, Single As A Pringle Now’ -Media Girl, Shade Ladipo Speaks On How Her Marriage Ended During COVID Period

‘I Entered Canada As A Married Woman, Single As A Pringle Now’ -Media Girl, Shade Ladipo Speaks On How Her Marriage Ended During COVID Period

Famous media personality, Shade Ladipo has opened up for the first time about her failed marriage, revealing how she entered Canada married but ended it during the COVID-19 period.

The radio host tied the knot with her beau, Jide in 2018.

But speaking with Daddy Freeze in an Instagram live session, Ladipo highlighted her relationship status and what led to the crash of her marriage.

According to the media girl, her marriage failed the second she relocated to Canada while mentioning how the COVID-19 lockdown played a role.

She said when she relocated with Jide to Canada, they resided in his brother’s home. She further explained that lack of sexual intercourse for six months — among other issues — contributed to their failed marriage in 2020.

The radio host said during their stay with her in-laws, “we were not able to communicate, function, or able to find our footing”.

Ladipo said six months into their stay, she moved out of the house, leaving her ex-husband who wanted to stay back because “he had debts”.

She added that the natural separation also resulted in their official divorce in 2020. In her words:

“The biggest issue in Canada is the cold. When we landed we landed in in-law’s house. We could not have sex in my in-laws house. Like six months in my in-laws’ house. I am telling you.

“The plan was we were going to be in the in-laws house for six months. We are not able to reduce the tension. We were not able to communicate. We were not able to really function. We were not able to find our footing. We could not use the bathroom because there was only one. The in-laws were also at home plus their two-year child.

“Again, the plan was that after six months, we would leave the brother’s house and then find our footing. By the end of the six months, he said did not want to leave. And I had to leave. He said he owes debt. He was working a contract job. He wanted to get a permanent job. He was happy with everything. Me I just needed to be happy first.

“He was a nice boy. We moved in together in the estate (in Nigeria). We were living together. People do not understand that when you have the right connection with your partner, even with kids, you go find where you will have sex.

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“I entered Canada as a married woman. Single as a pringle now. Covid happened and life happened. People in my life know. I have been officially divorced since 2020.”

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