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Actress, Chioma Okoli Narrates Sexual Harassment Ordeal At Workplace

Actress, Chioma Okoli Narrates Sexual Harassment Ordeal At Workplace

Popular Nigerian actress, Chioma Okoli, has spoken up about her ordeal with sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Okoli, during a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, the movie star said she was invited to an office for a job interview, only to be made to wait for hours before being seen.

She said when she finally met with the interviewer, he asked her to move to a lounge and proceeded to make inappropriate advances.

She added that he even went as far as proposing that she sleep with him in exchange for the job. She recounted:

“Yes, I have experienced it. I tried to work with someone some time ago, and he invited me to his office.

“When I got there, he made me wait from afternoon until evening before attending to me. It was weird, but because I was trying to work, I had to be respectful.

“Then evening came, and he was talking about hanging out in the lounge. Since I was trying to get work, I said, ‘Okay, cool, let us go discuss in the lounge’.

“When we got to the lounge, he started scratching my hand. He said we were going to smash, and he would give me the job. It was actually a job, not an acting gig.”

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The screenwriter further labeled the man as “crazy” and said he has been accused of fraud in the past. She added:

“So yeah, I have had that experience, and I think he is a very crazy guy because, some time ago, he was called out for fraud.”

She also opened up about the biggest breakfast she was served while she was a student. According to her, she is someone big on love and she was devoted to her boyfriend while she was a student.

However, the boy disappointed her when she went to visit him uninvited. He had brought in a light-skinned lady and she was relaxing on his bed without wearing anything when she came in unannounced.

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Narrating her feelings about how she was treated, Okoli said she was hurt and badly pained.



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