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8 Tips On How To Dream Your Way To Success

8 Tips On How To Dream Your Way To Success

By Ndidi Adekunle

The documentary on the book written by Rhonda Byrne, the Secret law of Attraction, premiered last year 2013 and was an instant hit first in the States, then around the world.

Generally speaking, it says that whatever situation it is that you find yourself, it is you who put yourself in that situation as a direct result of the vibes you have been giving off from your thoughts. In other words, you are what you think, you create your circumstances in your mind, and nothing happens to you whether positive or negative that you cannot re-create, using the conditioning of your mind. If you think success, it will come to you. If you  think failure, in time, it will come to you.

Does it not affirm us? It then means that we can be whoever we want to be, if we can only train our minds to think it consistently, more so in pictures.
Our children can be who we want them to be if we can be in positive agreement with the creative forces, even with God, concerning them.
So why not join in the fun of creating just that thing you desire, the life that you want, that job, that house, that car, that promotion, that school, you name it. Here are some tips to get you going;
1.   Find a quiet moment each day and visualize what you want, your desired result, write it down if you will.
2.  Every day, ensure that your thoughts are on good, positive things, not the negative.
3.  Whenever you find yourself holding a negative thought, stop for a bit and re- direct your mind to something that makes you happy. Sing a song if you like, or play some music.
4.  Be proactive and start to write down in little bits, what you can do to draw yourself closer to your desire. Create a plan of action and follow it judiciously, check-marking each item as you record your little successes towards the bigger one.
5.  Make your plan into smaller bite sizes for each day, and check-mark as you go.
6.  Keep your thoughts happy and your actions positive. This is the only way you can tell what you’re attracting into your life at any point in time.
7.  You can keep a dossier of all your desires in pictures or else. Paste them all together on a board perhaps, and hang the board in a strategic place where you’re sure to see it every now and then.
8.  Now get your mont  blanc pen out, your felt tips, or any other preferred kind of pen for that matter, and start check-marking your way to a fabulous life.

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Good luck with it.

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