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5 Tips For A Fulfilling Summer Holiday With Your Children

5 Tips For A Fulfilling Summer Holiday With Your Children

Summer is fast approaching and plans are underway for a most refreshing summer holiday. What plans do you have for yourself, your children individually, and your significant other: your husband.? We bring you some tips to help you along, while still planning;

           5 Tips For A Fulfilling Summer Holiday With Your Children

1.     Create a timetable, bearing in mind the developmental objectives you desire to see in your child: the Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, and Social aspects of the child. You can then evenly distribute activities that will cater to each aspect of development, daily.

2.     Plan group activities with other parents, say from your place of worship, your residence association , or from your own pool of friends. For example, you can sponsor a group picnic, visit the beach, and have family fun games for all ages.

3.     Have a mother’s skills trade-off day. Hold small classes for your child’s friends in your home. If your forte is cooking, host a cooking class, etiquette and grooming classes would also be a good idea.

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4.     Enrol your children at a Summer Camp , some or all of the holiday (however you find convenient). Children learn all sorts of useful skills at the summer camps, like bead making, baking, carpentry, multiple languages, and so on, depending on each camp’s extra-curricula activities scheduled for the year. They also get to enjoy interacting closely with children from other schools, thereby broadening their social skills.

5.     If possible, schedule some of your summer vacation with your extended family. In our fast paced world, finding time for our immediate family is difficult, much less visiting grandparents, uncles and aunts. Summertime therefore, would be a perfect time to visit them.

           Source: Katy Simmons, What To Do When Your Children Say I’m Bored

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