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60-year-old woman gives birth after having an IVF

60-year-old woman gives birth after having an IVF

Mrs. Christy Omolara Irurhe, a 60-year-old woman, who has been childless for 31 years delivered a baby girl on Monday.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, the woman who described her pregnancy and birth as a miracle said she waited for 31 years before going through the In-Vitro Fertilisation treatment (IVF ) procedure, making her the oldest IVF mother in Africa. The woman said she had tried so many centers here in Nigeria and even abroad until 2010 when the journey began at the hospital.

“We  tried for many years to have a baby and after the natural way did not work, we had to opt for the IVF. Before now, we had gone to many hospitals before here but none of the treatment was successful. But in 2010, I came in contact with this hospital and now I have delivered a beautiful baby girl,” she says. Adding that after many years of perseverance, she changed her prayer points which gave her faith to stand strong.

She said the first procedure in 2010 failed before a repeat in 2013, which culminated in the pregnancy that brought the girl.

She says, “actually, I got to know about St Ives Hospital during their yearly promo and that was my first time then. I did the procedure in 2010, but it failed. I made a repeat in 2013 which culminated in this pregnancy.”

The Medical Director, Dr Tunde Okewale, who led the procedure, said all the hospital staffers were elated. According to him, age was not a decision for them, but her physical condition which was a major determinant in carrying out the procedure.

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“We treated her only after strict medical check. There is no age limit for fertility treatment in the UK or Nigerian Law. We believe it is the fundamental human right of every willing woman and couple to achieve their fertility potential as long as they are healthy and the welfare of the child is put into consideration,” he added.

Both mother and baby were said to be doing well.

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