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Baby’s Spa treat for £60 an hour, a Yay or Nay?

Baby’s Spa treat for £60 an hour, a Yay or Nay?

Founded by 68-year-old Laura Sevenus, who believes that earlier a baby is made to feel comfortable in water, the better, British’s first Baby Spa is a place where some privileged tots get to chill in their own temperature controlled pool.

Moms who have been bringing their babies there claim that it has some therapeutic effects as their babies seem more relaxed and sleep pretty well afterwards. One mum even said that the visits have helped to clear her baby’s colic.

It’s a skinny dip experience for babies as they are lowered into the water au natural with a flotation device fastened around their necks.

This dipping experience is followed by a massage using pure grapeseed which is gentle on baby’s skin.

This luxurious experience definitely comes with a price – £60 an hour.

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