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How To Soothe A Teething Baby

How To Soothe A Teething Baby

By Mehnaz S Tabassum

Every baby goes through the teething phase. It surely is one significant time for both the baby and parents to experience together. Since the baby is in discomfort during this time, there are some ways to help in making this stage a soothing one. Of course these will not eradicate or alter anything that is natural about the phase. If the baby’s behavior is excessively unusual, it is better to contact the pediatrician or a medical expert as soon as possible.

Teething Baby: What to Expect

Teething is a natural procedure and there are some common features of it. The signs of teething include the following:

Excessive drooling

Impulsive chewing on any hard object


Red, sore and swollen gums

If your baby is around 6 months of age, and is showing the above mentioned signs, it is probably the teething time. Since the baby behaves a lot differently during that period, it often makes the parents worried. Generally there is nothing much for you to do. All you can try is offering baby with something that can soothe him/ her.

teething baby

Teething Time: What to Do

Since your baby’s gums are the ones to have brand new teeth, it causes the most discomfort. The feel is new and weird to the baby. So, first, you can rub the gums with your clean, bare fingers to soothe it. Be careful; as your baby might try to chew on it, too. You can also rub the gums with cold, soft piece of wash cloth. Make sure you rub very gently.

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The next thing you can do is keep the drool cleaned. Excessive drooling is natural but the increased amount of mucus can also damage your baby’s tender skin. So, be sure to wipe it off more often. You can put on a waterproof bib on your baby as well.

You can try medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to keep the crankiness in control. You should avoid anything that includes pain relieving agents in them. It is always important to consult the pediatrician before offering the baby with any sort of medicine.

You can get your baby a pacifier with holder. If your baby has a favorite pacifier already, you can attach it with a plush pacifier holder and offer it to the baby. You can also keep the plush pacifier holder reserved for the sleep time, if your worry is that it can get soaked in baby’s dribbles. The plush toy will be a comforting distraction for your baby to fall asleep at night.

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