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Dear MIMsters: I’m Stranded Living with My Husband

Dear MIMsters: I’m Stranded Living with My Husband

I’m stranded in my marriage.

I’m married but living like I’m still single. I got married to my husband because I thought he was a changed man two years after we broke up. Little did I know that I was making the mistake of my life.

My husband doesn’t treat me as his wife, nor  does he make me happy. He doesn’t even give me money for my upkeep or for anything else. He doesn’t regard my family and life with him is so boring. I feel like I’m in a cage, living with him.

We do not share anything as a couple, not even a bed nor do we eat together. He has never taken me out for shopping nor given me a special treat, neither has he even tried to attend a marriage seminar in church or anywhere to learn how to make our marriage better.

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Infact, I’m losing my mind and all he keeps saying to me is that if I’m tired, I should pack my things and leave. Meanwhile, I’m from a polygamous family. I lost both my parents at a tender age and sponsored myself through higher institution before I finally got married to him in 2015, thinking that all will be well. I never knew that I would be making a very big mistake.

I have a daughter for him who is over a year now. Inasmuch as I really want to leave this marriage due to his ill-treatment towards me, I don’t have anywhere to go to and no money. I do not have a good job to cater for myself and my baby..

What should I do? How do I come out of this?

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