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Young Dad, Deacon Dolapo, Narrates How His Little Daughter Helped Him Win a Bitter Custody Battle

Young Dad, Deacon Dolapo, Narrates How His Little Daughter Helped Him Win a Bitter Custody Battle

A Nigerian twitter user Deacon Dolapo @dollycent has narrated how he got to win custody of his 5-year-old daughter, Yetunde Velma after a bitter fight with his baby mama.

According to the young father, he got his girlfriend pregnant when he was a college student. They welcomed their bundle of joy just three weeks to graduating from college.

Later on, his baby mama got engaged to another man and moved to another state. In his word, he said he wanted to be a part of his daughter’s life but the mother of his baby frustrated all his attempts until Velma herself spoke up and said she preferred to be with her dad.

Read his tweets below…

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As expected, the story was received by Twitter users with mixed reactions as some people served him some accolades for not being a dead beat dad, others are more concerned with the fact that the mother refused to let go of her child because she was responsible for her since birth.

Responding to some of the comments, Deacon Dolapo wrote;

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A custody battle means BOTH parents wants to be in their kids life . But both wanna do it alone . Which sometimes can be a selfish move. We had an account where we pay money each month to cover ALL her expenses. Agreeing on who “ owns “ the child was the Problem.

We were both there for her and have been. Just because we are not together doesn’t mean we neglected our responsibilities. Lol I never said I didn’t want anything to do with the kid, I meant with her. I didn’t want a family at that time

I still talked to her today lol. She is not hurt , she wanted to have the child to herself , I wanted same. In the end the child knowing I ain’t going anywhere changed everything. Child still lives with the mother but I can see her anytime I want now. Get it ?

I like the place of peace I have been in this past 48 hours. It was like a load off my chest.”

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