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What A Feat! With Dedication Such As This, There Is Hope For Pregnant Women

What A Feat! With Dedication Such As This, There Is Hope For Pregnant Women

It is always a joyful feeling to have a new baby added to a family; everyone connected to such a new baby would often joyfully go all out in celebrating and welcoming the newest addition.

Much more, it gives greater joy when you know that there are standard hospitals with dedicated and experienced medical practitioners, who would give their best in ensuring that maternal mortality rate is reduced.

A first time mom-of-4 could not hold back her joy for the miracle she experienced having four healthy babies at once.

The 22-year-old South African young  woman, Inga Mafenuka gave birth to her four new babies- two boys and two girls on Friday, July 6; 2018 at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa and the first time mom described the feat as “overwhelming but exciting”.

“It only sunk in when I saw all four of them after I gave birth,” Mafenuka said. “I am prepared to take care of them. I have no choice, whether I’m overwhelmed or upset. I have to be a mother to them.”

Tygerberg Hospital is celebrating the birth of the first ever quadruplets in over ten years at its facility.

Reports also revealed that Mafenuka’s pregnancy happened naturally without any help from fertility treatments.

According to TimesLIVE, the Western Cape Government described the birth of Mafenuka’s quadruplets as an “exceptional occurrence in any health system”. The Tygerberg Hospital staff ensured that the new mom and her babies received the best care.

It was disclosed that during her labour, each baby had assigned to them dedicated pediatrician while in the theatre while their mother was supported by a midwife and an anesthetist all through.

Mafenuka’s quadruplet was said to have been delivered at 29 weeks via a C-section for safety reasons. The young mom and her babies are doing extremely well according to the hospital management.

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See below:

”First-time mom delivers healthy quadruplets at Tygerberg hospital

On Friday, 6 July 2018, Tygerberg Hospital’s maternity ward was called into rapid action when 22 year old Kayelitsha mom delivered four healthy babies – an exceptional occurrence in any health system.

Spontaneous quadruplet pregnancies are exceptional with a reported incidence of one in 512,000 to one in 677, 000 births.

A caesarean section (c-section) was performed at 29 weeks gestational age – a decision taken in the best interest of the mother and the unborn children. During the labour process each baby had its own dedicated paediatrician in the theatre while the mother was supported by a midwife and anaesthetist at all times.

We are extremely proud of our maternal team at Tygerberg Hospital who ensured that this exceptional case is cared for in the most professional manner.

It took a lot of effort from all team members, which included an Obstetric and Gynae specialist to orchestrate a safe delivery for mom and her four babies. The mother and her “quads” are in very good condition and are doing extremely well.”

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Paediatrician Haseena Hassan who was part of the medical team who helped deliver the babies says:

“The babies are doing very well. They were all started at the oxygen machine when they were delivered because their lungs were still immature. But a day after the delivery we were able to take three of the babies off the oxygen.”

The quadruplet won’t be able to go home just yet as they are premature, and will have to remain in hospital for monitoring for a few more weeks.

The new mother, who is also an IT student, could not hide her smile when she was presented with numerous baskets of teddy bears and baby supplies.

The tiny tots were named by their grandmother. Bubele and Buchule were the names given to the boys, while the girls were named Bunono and Bungcwele.

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Mbombo, who had previously worked as a midwife, said the birth was quite a rarity.

“There is excitement because the [babies] were conceived naturally and not through IVF (in vitro fertilisation),” she said.

“The issue is getting donors for nappies. Mediclinic is negotiating with Huggies and Dis-Chem [and] has confirmed that they will also supply.”


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