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Single Mums: How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day With Your Child

Single Mums: How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day With Your Child

It’s hard to not feel left out when you are not in a relationship and are raising children on your own.  You do have plenty of love to celebrate as a parent, even if you don’t have a romantic partner. Valentine’s Day is not just for the romantic lovers; if you allow yourself to enjoy the essence of the holiday rather than the symbolism of it, you’re sure to have an amazing holiday, even as a single mum.

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In fact, you should take advantage of the day to honor all the people who bring love to your life, including your children, family and friends, and your precious self.

Here are eight tips for single mums planning to spend a fun-filled February 14 with their kids:

1. Shower Love On Your Little Ones:

Holidays offer ideal opportunities to create memories that your kids will remember for life. Start Valentine’s day with a special breakfast or specially made sandwiches in your kids’ lunchboxes with love notes to remind them of how much you care. After school and work, have a family fun activity with the kids, wear matching pyjamas for instance and enjoy their favourite cartoon together just after dinner. Before bed, look through a family photo album to remind yourself of how much love surrounds you each and every day.

2. Volunteer:

It’s hard to feel bad for yourself when you are out helping others who have it much worse. Volunteering alongside your kids can help you teach them the importance of giving back.

You can volunteer at an orphanage home, or just buy groceries to give out to the homeless or aged. Everyone who has volunteered will tell you how much love and satisfaction it brings. Include the children too, it will help you bond tighter as a family.

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3. Let Your Kids Make Dinner:

Let your hair down this Valentine. Even without a significant other, you can have the most fun and receive as much love as you are willing to, by just enjoying the essence of the holiday which is not romantic in its entirety.

4. Reward Your Support Network:

You can get creative and throw a Valentine’s Day party. Invite your single mum friends and their kids over for a white, and red themed party. You can make a big pot of Spaghetti or any Nigerian staple with a lot of love or you could just hit the town with a friend for an indulgent dinner, while you have someone babysit the kids.

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5. Create Lovely Memories With Your Smartphone:

Pick a song with a great message and work with your kids to make a fun video, that you can watch and enjoy, long after Valentine’s Day is gone. Or you could just sing acapella and create beautiful noise with your little ones. Kids love to watch their own hilarity, you’ll be happy you made the video.

6. Reward Yourself With A Pet:

Get that pet you have always wanted for yourself, or that you’ve been promising the kids forever. maybe a kitten or a little fish, you’ll find there’s so much you can enjoy even if you don’t have a romantic partner yet.

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7. Visit An Elder:

Could the kids grannies, or an elderly neighbour benefit from a visit and use some  good cheer? The Valentine’s holiday is a good time to stop by, watch some TV and share laughter .

8. Go On An Adventure With The Kids:

Take your kids on an outing that involves an element of adventure, you could go to the amusement parks and take part in some rollercoaster rides alongside the kids. You’ll be sure to have a very relaxing and loving Valentine’s Day.







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