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Dear MIMSters: MIL Does The Most Terrible Thing And No One Questions It | Part 2

Dear MIMSters: MIL Does The Most Terrible Thing And No One Questions It | Part 2

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On our way ‘there’, MIL maintained a stern look and wouldn’t even give in to the little chatters I tried to make. SIL was also ‘engrossed’ in herself. I would later find out that she was praying silently. This trip was her own third but first for me.

The ‘there’ was an old looking hut and funnily, we met many women with children there, waiting to see the old man, too. The attendants hailed MIL immediately we got there, and they ensured we got attended to immediately. Such power!

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Lest I forgot, we traveled almost 200 km before we got there. Long story cut short, ‘there’ was a place MIL had patronized for over 4 decades. The old man ‘there’ has a bucket of water in which they alleged he is able to look into the future of every child brought to him. Through it, he is able to tell them how glorious or not so glorious a child’s future is. He is able to first ascertain if the child truly belongs to the man (that is if the mother did not cheat on her husband.) Afterwards, he would ‘unveil’ the child’s glory and unfortunately, compare his/her position -when it comes to riches- in the family. The old man, would also position the child through his findings. For instance, I would later learn that SIL’s 1st child was positioned 3rd by the old man. He had ‘seen’ his future as not as glorious as that of his younger sisters and the new baby.

The old man also said my second child has a more glorious future than her elder brother. The old man, in the presence of MIL, SIL, BIL, hubby and me, said my second child has a future that is more glorious than her father’s, and in fact, more than all the children in the family. He charged MIL to ensure she gets everything she ever asks for, no matter how hard the whole family may need to try.

He made other shocking revelations that I have started to fear for my life.

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Through that trip, many things that I have noticed since I got married to hubby started getting clearer to me. The subtle rivalry amongst my BILs And SILs, MIL’s nonchalance towards two of her children (The old man ‘saw’ their future bleak), her insistence on making my wedding loud (Learnt the old man had told them I would bring more fortune to their family and the children I would bear would inherit my aura, too), and many more unprintable things I have heard since that trip.

My grouse with hubby in all of these is that he is ‘born-again’ yet, he involves his time and resources in this backward tradition. MIL is also well traveled yet, she checks and cross-checks every thing with the old man. I learnt the old man is on my hubby’s whole family’s payroll.

I have reported the matter to our pastor, and he has spoken to hubby but he says it’s a tradition that MIL met and none of them can stop it because it does not cause any harm. I haven’t told my parents yet though, I am not sure they would take it lying low. I mean, in this 21st century, do people still live like this?! I just feel like taking my kids and running away.

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