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South African Woman, Thabo, At Crossroads After She Caught Her Mother Doing This

South African Woman, Thabo, At Crossroads After She Caught Her Mother Doing This

A  South African lady, Thabo is confused as to what next to do after she was confronted by an awkward reality when she paid her mother a surprise visit. Thabo was responding to the “O jewa ke eng?” translating to “What’s eating you up?” trend on Twitter.

Thabo said she paid her mother the visit while her father was away working on a Saturday, but she met another man in the company of her mother at her parents home.

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Now, she says she is at a loss as to what next to do.According to her, she has a difficult choice to make between telling her father about her mother’s infidelity, but he loves her mother so much that it could kill him or dangerously shoot up his blood pressure.

On the other hand, she’s worried that if she doesn’t tell him and he finds out on his own, then learns that she knew all along, he would be disappointed.

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Read her narration below;

“Yesterday decided to suprise my mum with a visit, i found her with some other man in my father’s house.

Such disrespect My parents have been married for 25years

and my father works on another province tryna provide for kids & her.

Should i tell my father or not?

Yet on the other side i feel it will cause too many problems.

My father loves my mum so much, such news will kill him worse he has BP problem

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and the separation will harm my siblings.

Really need other people’s opinions about all this.

Cant talk to close family about it”

See screenshots and reactions below:

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