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Bride-To-Be Finds Secret Message From Late Mum On Her Wedding Shoes

Bride-To-Be Finds Secret Message From Late Mum On Her Wedding Shoes

A bride-to-be found a secret message written by her mum, under the heels of her wedding shoes after she passed away from terminal illness.

The woman identified as Emma, 38, who is due to get married in August, last week received the shoes and said she was ‘in bits’ when she saw her mum’s message. Her mum was diagnosed with cancer a month after Emma got engaged to fiancé, Richard and she had hoped she would make it to the wedding, but sadly, she died in 2017.

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Emma told BBC that the shoes came in the post and she was told her mum paid for them.

“It’s been so hard planning a wedding without having her with me, and I have had lots of tears.”

Written on the soles of the shoes was:

“Wanted you to have a gift from me on your wedding day. Your wedding shoes are my gift to you.”

“Hope you have a magical day. Lots & lots love & big hugs
Mum xxxx”

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Emma said:

“I had absolutely no idea, my fiancé knew about it. It was just an absolute shock. I pulled out the one shoe and I saw part of the message and I couldn’t think who it would be.”

She added that when she realized it was from her mum, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

“I started to cry… I was just absolutely in bits. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk.”

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Emma shared how her mother had been given one to two years to live after being diagnosed with lung cancer, and had written letters to some members of the family, but ‘ran out of time’ before she could write one to her.

She enthused:

“So this is special to me.”

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Speaking about the idea behind the gift, Amanda Weise, the woman who runs the online shop that customized the shoes revealed she was contacted by Emma’s mom a few weeks after the initial order was placed.

“It was lovely to be able to be involved in the touching gift. It’s probably the most emotional pair of shoes I’m ever going to make. Hopefully it will give her a bit of comfort on the day. It will be like walking down the aisle with her mum. It was her mom who told me she had cancer and wouldn’t be there for Emma’s wedding day. She told me on the first message she sent me. Her mum actually emailed me and said she wanted to pay for the shoes. I said, “well she’s already paid half”. She said, “Can I pay for it all and then you refund her the money when she gets the shoes?” I was aware that she was terminally ill at the time. I think Emma was kind of hoping she would see the wedding. From the message that she wrote, I think she did intend for it to be after she was gone.

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