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Mom Tells How She Felt After Daughter Returned Home From Sleepover Looking Completely Different| Photos

Mom Tells How She Felt After Daughter Returned Home From Sleepover Looking Completely Different| Photos

As a parent, how would you feel if your child returns home from sleepover looking completely different?

A mom, Serena Rose, 28, has told how she felt after Alexis, her 4-year old daughter returned home from a sleepover at her grandparents’ looking totally different.

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After sending her daughter off to spend the night with her grandparents, Serena had thought she could just sit back and relax but she got a phone call. Serena answered her call and for a few minutes after she got off the phone, she assumed she was being pranked.

She however soon realised that her parents weren’t joking and that her daughter would be returning to her later looking very different than she had when she left. This is because Alexis had managed to get a hold of a pair of scissors when her grandparents were not looking, and she had cut off her long blonde hair; giving herself a sort of mullet-style hair-do.

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The little one was left alone for a few moments and during that time, she managed to give herself a chaotic new look.

Recounting the story, Serena from Drenthe, Netherlands, said:

“I’d just send Alexis off to her grandparents’ house for the night for a sleepover. The next morning I got a call from them telling me that she had managed to cut all of her hair off. I thought they were joking. But then I realised they weren’t, and it was really happening. Apparently she had got a hold of a pair of scissors and just went crazy. It all happened in a matter of minutes. There was blonde hair all over the house.”

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Serena initially says she saw the funny side of the incident, but then, she became mad; because her daughter ought to know better.

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“I felt heartbroken. We had been growing her hair for so long.”

The mom thinks her daughter may have been inspired to play hairdresser after a trip to a salon earlier that week. But after the initial fun of it wore off, the young girl regretted her actions – especially as Serena was forced to shave all her hair off to tidy up the bizarre cut.

To that effect, Serena opined:

“I hope she has learnt a lesson from what happened and will not be doing anything like that again. Of course, I still tell her she is beautiful no matter what she looks like. I just don’t think she suits a mullet.”

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