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’21 years of listening to each other’s dirty talk’ -BBOG Activist & Mum-Of-2, Aisha Yesufu’s Romantic Note To Hubby Is Everything

’21 years of listening to each other’s dirty talk’ -BBOG Activist & Mum-Of-2, Aisha Yesufu’s Romantic Note To Hubby Is Everything

Marriage is an institution that has proven to be a tasking journey for some while others seem to scale through easily as they celebrate milestones as a couple.

Bring Back Our Girls advocate, Aisha Yesufu, has stunned the Nigerian social media with lovely photos of herself with her husband as they celebrated 21 happy years of being together.

In a twitter thread, the activist, who was once told that she wouldn’t last long in marriage due to her dislike for house chores and outspoken nature, wrote a lengthy note on how their marriage has remained special even after 21 years.

According to Aisha, it has been 21 years of being with someone who accepts her the way she is as well as living lives on their terms and making marriage fun.


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She posted lovely romantic pictures of her and her hubby and captioned them with lovely note seen below…

”My husband proposed to me 22 years ago. When he proposed i told him I am lazy and always sick. I hate cooking and doing housework. I was told no man would accept me for these. Yesterday was our 21st wedding anniversary.

It’s of being together with one who accepts me for who I am and I accept him for who he is.

of amazing and unusual love story. Of living our lives according to our own terms and making marriage FUN Here is to many more

of listening to each other’s dirty talk and not feeling left out of the dating scene

of hearing the same stories again and again and still listening attentively as if hearing it for the first.

of being truthful with one another. of being open and turning one’s back and knowing it is protected.

of fighting like little kids and making up like little kids.

of tolerating each other’s weirdness and allowing each other the space to be who they are.

of having to accommodate each other’s personalities that doesn’t fit with ours and understanding it because of love.

of knowing we can ask anything from each other and knowing the other would do anything to put a smile on the other’s face.

of helping each other go beyond our dreams.

of motivating each other above and beyond the standard we set for our individual selves.

appreciating each other and never taking each other for granted.

of having a shoulder to lean on and an ear for your dry jokes.

of allowing each other spaces with our different friends and having our own space just for us.

of making our marriage top priority.

of both being present to take on the task we committed to.

being committed to each other and knowing we are worth it.

of not allowing society dictate how our lives should be.

of doing what we individually are best suited for and not what society expects us to do.

of teaching mentoring, learning, advising one another

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of being partners in every aspect of life from love to business and everything in between.

of unfettered laughter and tranquil silence.

of crying together and laughing together. Of holding our breath of what to expect and celebrating joyously.

of setting goals beyond our wildest imagination and conquering the unimaginable.

of fighting over little things and finally learning its no use sweating over the small stuff.

of learning the futility of expecting my mind to be read and learning to say it pop and plain and also of seeing him do guess right what is on my mind.

of sneaking to do when the kids were small and now sneaking when they come home.

of still fighting over who finished the deodorant even when its clearly stated male and female to differentiate.

of using the same products of almost everything.

of teaching each other the words i love you and i am sorry.

of being honest with our feelings. Showing our happiness sadness or anger and doing it one at a time with the other calming at any given time.

of fighting over TV channels and abandoning dual tv because we love the spats.

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of still asking each other what did you buy for me?

of bribing each other with goodies and in the last few years with hush smoothie.

of yabbing each other and getting yabbed in return. Of pulling at each other’s legs and playing pranks on each other.

of staying up some nights and gisting till daybreak and going to our places of work and business with groggy eyes.

of being able to say to each other i want this position today and getting it.

of still being angry if one ends a phone call without saying I love you.

of still calling each other at times just to say i wanted to hear your voice, I just thought about you or I am missing you.

of still asking each other when last did i tell you I LOVE YOU?

of saying to each other DO YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU?

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of saying to each other all I want is your happiness and I would do anything to keep you happy and both going out of our way to make the other happy.

of praying for you as you step out of the house and you asking for those prayers when you don’t get it.

of growing older in age and younger in love.

of yabbing the changes in each other’s bodies over the years.

of sometimes fighting and not talking to each other except for good morning and welcome but looking forward to the love making at the end

of mischievously giving the other **** while the other is on the phone just to get the person holding it in while having a proper conversation.

later laughing over the small stuffs like who scattered the wardrobe we used to fight over.”

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