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Dear MIMsters: I Hope You Can Find The Hope You Are Looking For From My Story

Dear MIMsters: I Hope You Can Find The Hope You Are Looking For From My Story

I feel like sharing my story to give hope to others. I hope you can find it here.

I got married in 2014 to a wonderful man, my best friend. I am not the lovesick type. I fell in love with my eyes wide open making sure that I am accepted by my in-laws before the marriage. But a few days after my wedding, my husband told me that before our wedding, his 2 sisters had asked different Alfas about us and they told them that he is not to marry me because I’m bad luck and may never have my own child.

Another Alfa told my husband that since he loves me, he should marry me but should also marry a second wife as soon as possible to avert my bad luck. They said I have a spirit husband. I am a queen in the marine world. I wonder if someone can be all these without knowing about it.

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I had a normal childhood and was loved and well brought up by my parents. I have never had any encounter with spirits. To say I was shocked was an understatement. At first, I rejected it, but with time, due to pressure from them and our inability to conceive immediately after our wedding, I began to believe them, thinking that I’ll soon encounter a spirit.

I became afraid and paranoid and very very scared. In fact, I became suspicious of my husband because I thought he’ll remarry or impregnate someone else. One of his friends even offered to get him a girl that will bear him children outside wedlock when he refused to remarry a few months after our wedding.

The sisters told their mum all these prophecies like few days to the wedding. My amazing MIL did not back out or pressurize her son to back out, rather, she organized a prayer for us before the wedding. Mind you, it was very easy to believe her daughters because they brought the same information from 2 different sources. But my amazing MIL told my husband and asked for his opinion to which he replied that he loves me and is not backing out, to which she gave her blessings and supported us with prayers.

I only found out about all these after our wedding because my husband was trying to explain why we needed to be very prayerful.

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To the glory of Allah, apart from us TTC for about a year after our wedding, we’ve been blessed beyond measure. In 2015, we bought our first car and first landed property. In 2016, we had our first child. In 2017, we bought our 2nd landed property. In 2018, we had our second child.

My people, it’s barely half of 2019, and Allah in his infinite mercy has given us our first house, our own home.

I praise God for being by my side and making me a blessing and not a curse to my husband. I praise God for giving me such a wonderful MIL. Don’t get me wrong, my MIL n I have had misunderstandings once or twice but I praise God for blessing me with her. She’s the type who doesn’t know how to pretend when she’s angry with you, but she also doesn’t know how to keep grudges.

Finally I pray to God to continue to bless me and my family. If you are currently in a situation where a bad prophecy has been revealed about you, don’t panic and don’t fall into depression. Depression was the major cause I could not conceive early in my marriage. Be happy because I testify that God of immeasurable love and mercy loves you. He hasn’t forsaken you, He can hear you. Tell Him what you want in your life, keep telling him, I promise you, you will achieve it. You will get there. I can promise you confidently because He heard me and gradually, he’s answering me. Thanks for reading.

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