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APT! BBNaija Star, Bambam Counsels Parents On The Importance Of Child Training

APT! BBNaija Star, Bambam Counsels Parents On The Importance Of Child Training

Former BBNaija housemate, BamikeBamBamOlawunmi, has dished out some valuable parental advice on how to raise kids to be responsible and accountable. In a series of tweets, BamBam explained that several unsavoury reports of rape and assaults in recent times scares her and have made her realise the importance of child training.

According to her, child training can never be overemphasized. She went further to say it is the responsibility of both parents to raise and train their children to be responsible and even flog and smack entitlement out of them if need be.

Finally, BamBam who recently disclosed that she was raped by a spiritual leader and an ex-boyfriend she trusted, urged parents to listen to their children and pay attention to their needs as they would be surprised by what they have to say.

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Below is her tweet…

”Parents please train your boys to be responsible and accountable men, flog entitlement out of them. Train your daughter to be responsible and accountable women smack entitlement out of them! Instil a sense of responsibility at am early age! Please! For a better future Nigeria.

Stories are coming out here and there and I’m realising that the importance of child training cannot be overemphasized. Child training must be from both parents. Cases where there’s a missing parent, provide a God parent/ mentor for the child early! Catch them young!

We are all a little broken, many secrets of the past has really really damaged our society. Parents listen to your children when they are trying to talk to you! You will be surprised what they have to say.

Be attentive to all they are without imposing yourself, failures, theories and beliefs. Let them grow.”

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