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Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Be Potty-Trained

Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Be Potty-Trained

Understanding when your toddler is ready to transition from diapers to potty training can be a little daunting for some mums, there are however a number of surefire signs that just shows it’s time to begin the transition. One of the most obvious signs is you may (happily) have noticed that you are changing fewer diapers lately and your little one is usually staying dry during nap time.

These, along with other signs, indicate that it’s time to engage in potty training. The key to potty training success is patience and an awareness that all babies reach this all-important milestone at their own pace. Different strategies work with different children, but the following tips generally get the job done.

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What Are The Signs My Toddler Is Ready to Be Potty Trained?

If your little one isn’t developmentally ready for potty training, even the best toilet tactics will fall short. Wait for these tell-tale signs that your tot is set to get started:

1. You Are Changing Fewer Diapers: Toddlers will pee frequently until they reach about 20-months-old. Once your toddler begins to pleasantly surprise you and can stay dry for an hour or two, it’s a sign that they are developing bladder control and are becoming physically ready for potty training.

2. Bowel Movements Become More Regular: One sign to look out for is that your toddler’s bowel movements have become quite predictable. This makes it easier to pull out the potty in the nick of time.

3. Your Little One Is More Vocal About Going To The Bathroom: When your child starts to verbalize his wish to pee and poop or is showing you through his facial expressions, potty training is on the horizon.

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4. Your Child Doesn’t Like Dirty Diapers: It is good news when your little one may suddenly decide she doesn’t want to hang out in her dirty diapers because they are gross.  Turning up their nose against stinky diaper means they are ready to use the toilet instead.

How Old Should My Toddler Be When I Start Potty-training?

Kids are generally not ready to potty train before the age of 2, and some children may wait until 3 1/2. It’s important to remember not to push your child before he’s ready and to be patient. And remember that all kids are different. Your child is not developmentally lagging if he’s far into his 3s before he gets the hang of potty training.

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