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Renown Author, Matt Haig’s Post About Surviving A Suicide Attempt Inspires Thousands Battling Depression To Share Their Stories | Read And Be Inspired Too

Renown Author, Matt Haig’s Post About Surviving A Suicide Attempt Inspires Thousands Battling Depression To Share Their Stories | Read And Be Inspired Too

Matt Haig, a renowned UK-based author recently shared a post on his Twitter page in which he encouraged people who are currently battling with depression. The British writer shared his personal experience about how he nearly died 20 years ago – to illustrate that there is a future for those with mental health struggles.

According to him, his depression almost pushed him to kill himself in Ibiza. At the time, he thought he had no future; that he would never be happy. But, in a strange turn of events, Haig is living his best life and he is completely happy now.

Haig, 44, shared a picture of himself in bed with an adorable dog, smiling and writes:

”20 years ago this summer I nearly died by suicide in Ibiza. I knew I had no future. I knew I’d never be happy again. Today I am in France. With family. And dog. Enchanted. I am alive. I am happy. In the future that couldn’t exist. The impossible happens via living. Stay.”

It’s an incredibly moving message. Haig’s words touched a lot of people, some of whom have nearly been taken by suicide, some of whom are working on their depression with professional help, but still feel there’s a long road ahead.

Many just appreciated Haig being so open about what happened to him, because it can feel so isolating. Here are some of their messages of hope:

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One wrote:

”As a teenager, I attempted to kill myself after years of confusion at my sexuality and self hatred. In two weeks, I move into my first flat with my partner and graduate university with a first class degree. I never thought a future was possible either. And yet here I am. I never thought future was possible either. Yet here I am.”

Another shared:

”Thank you for tweeting this. I’m still a young adult, my whole life ahead of me, but I feel like I have no reason to be here, and seeing things, positive things like this always help. I’m proud of you for sharing, stay strong.”

A third added:

”I’m 45. I tried about 10 years ago. In two weeks I’m getting married and have never been happier. You never know what’s just around the corner. Keep fighting.”

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A fourth person shared:

”It’ll be 4 years in November since I attempted, I was a depressed anxious high schooler, now I’m working in a full time job that I love, applying to uni, getting qualifications to further my career & I have a house of my own. I NEVER thought I would make it to 21 and here I am.”

Another follower tweeted:

”Damn… Resonates hard. I’m having those “no hope” feels and suicidal ideation hit hard lately. I know I’m in control… And it’s one day at a time. I know the damage my brother caused due to his suicide, so I am hanging on. Not sure what the future holds…”

”1 year ago I attempted suicide and now, although I struggle sometimes, My life has improved so much and I’m so happy I didn’t succeed thank you for sharing your story it’s so important!,” a lady shared.

A follower added:

”This gives me hope. Last summer I attempted suicide but thankfully changed my mind before the worst could happen. Today I have a job. I write to help others based on my experiences. You have helped me believe in what I thought was impossible to be possible thank you Matt.”

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