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“My Mum’s Reaction When I Told Her I Was Pregnant At 17..” Young Mom, Khiandra Vaughn Recounts

“My Mum’s Reaction When I Told Her I Was Pregnant At 17..” Young Mom, Khiandra Vaughn Recounts

A young mom identified as Khiandra Vaughn recently took to twitter to narrate how she broke the news of her pregnancy to her mom. According to the teen mom who was just 17 at the time, her mom had always warned her against getting pregnant and threatened her hell if it ever happen.

Knowing she had failed her mom, Vaughn revealed she was gripped with fear as she wondered how she was going to break the news to her mom.

Finally, she summoned courage and broke the news to mom. Her mom’s reaction blew her mind.

Read the thread below…

”How I told my mom’s I was pregnant… I was going to wait until I was 9 months. When I took the pregnancy test I held it up to the light like it was a fake twenty… me, pregnant? … tuh. I was never on any type of birth control because I believed God had me…. HAD me a kid.

My mom always threatened me like… if I ever got pregnant she was going to knock me into next week & I needed my check because I spent all my money on pregnancy tests so uh .. you think you can do me that favor… I instantly decided to do it over text so the police could have evidence.

Me: hey mom. … so I called her. (Mind you she’s at work). She answers in her white woman voice like “hello?… This is she…” GIRL… put my momma on the phone.

I chicken out and I’m like .. nothing I love you bye… so I go in my granny room , and I’m like granny I got to tell you something… she like what. I’m like you gone get mad… she’s like WHAT KHIANDRA.

So we staring at each other like… so I’m like I got a baby. She like where … I’m like in my stomach? .. she like where it’s gone stay? NAH WHERE YOU GO. So I run back to my room … like ok that didn’t go so bad so I’m waiting for my mom to come home from work. But I’m also waiting for my period… so my mom finally comes home and I don’t even have the same energy anymore.

The whole atmosphere changed . All peace was sucked away…. she like Khiandra what you wanted?. I’m like eh he… NOTHING. But like… she can see in my face I was lying so she like … what you had to tell me khiandra.

Y’all… so we just staring at each other . Y’all know that scene from precious when they was on the stairs IM THEY. So tell me why I threw the pregnancy test down da stairs like a bomb..But it ain’t go down all the way so I had to run down & throw it again… tell me why SHE GONE SAY , is this a prank?

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Like yes mom this is a prank welcome back to my YouTube channel ! Smash that like button if I got her… so I’m like no mam… please don’t tell my dad!!!

Why tf my granny come out the bathroom Otp wit him. So my mom completely flashes… I run in my room packing my shit! HERE I COME MARY J BLIGE… first of all, mom this pregnancy test was the only test I passed all year why you so mad?

So I’m packing & shit … rubbing my belly like “baby you ain’t gotta worry about nun” … mfer ain even got ears yet. My mom walk in the room…She hugs me & says she loves me and we gone get through this… like dang you could’ve said that from the start.

Update: This is my handsome little baby. He’s almost 3 months … and my mama be all in his face like girl you fake you ain’t even want me to keep him.”

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