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Celebrity Mum, Ufuoma Mcdermott Harps On The Importance Of CCTV In Homes After Her Friend’s Nanny Did This

Celebrity Mum, Ufuoma Mcdermott Harps On The Importance Of CCTV In Homes After Her Friend’s Nanny Did This

Star actress and mum-of-two, Ufuoma McDermott took to Instagram to harp on the importance of having CCTV cameras installed in homes after an unpleasant scenario at her home put everyone on edge and would have had innocent people blamed.

According to the actress, she and her friends agreed to have a playdate for their kids and her house was the rendezvous. Apparently, her friends came along with their children’s nannies, but one of the nannies (pictured) made her way into the room of the host’s children and helped herself to some money from the actress’s bag.

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The actress further detailed how the theft put everyone in panic mode until she revealed she had CCTV installed. The footage from the CCTV exposed the visiting nanny as the culprit, showing her carefully crafted ploy to hide her crime that the actress said she could have easily blamed her own nannies for.

She wrote:


“On Sunday, my friends and I wanted our kids to spend time together. They converged at mine. The nanny of one friend stole money from a purse and denied.

She was the only adult that went into the children’s room. They searched her and begged her to return it to no avail. When I returned, I calmly told them I have CCTV all over the house. 

What my eye saw in those footages is nothing short of a calculated professional career thief, waiting to be employed into people’s houses.

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She took the money from a handbag in my children’s room, rushed into the toilet, sqeezed and wrapped the money in tissue, used it to dab her face so it looks worn, then placed it on my office table. She knew she would be searched.

She didn’t want it found on her. But she also knew that no one would suspect that used looking tissue ball sitting there in open glare. My own nannies could have been accused of this theft. The cctv saved the day.”

The mum-of-two later took down the post after transferring the case to the police. See the update she shared below:

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