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Why Nigerians Are Criticizing This ‘Praying Wife’ Advice Given By Mount Zion’s Mike Bamiloye

Why Nigerians Are Criticizing This ‘Praying Wife’ Advice Given By Mount Zion’s Mike Bamiloye

Popular Nigerian evangelist and founder of the Mount Zion Church, Mike Bamiloye, took to Instagram to share what seemed like an advice on marriage which has now generated controversy. The 60-year-old evangelist who is known to be passionate about healthy marriages, teaches many insights on the subject as is obvious on his Instagram handle.

In typical fashion, he shared his insight on marriage yesterday that earned him the criticisms of a number of people. According to the pastor, if a man’s wife is only beautiful but cannot pray, he is an endangered specie.

While some people agreed with his post, others accused him of reinforcing society’s penchant for burdening women.

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The pastor’s critics wondered why a man should be absolved of such responsibility. Until recently, Nigerians  were not known to question their spiritual leaders and their teachings but as concerns of exploitation and manipulation by the leaders became a recurring issue and discussions around gender equity and rights gained more momentum, almost every teaching is scrutinised.

Here’s what the evangelist shared:

Man, if your wife is just beautiful but cannot pray and study the word of God, Ah! You are an endangered species!

See some of the reactions to the post below:


Sir you just called God’s creation endangered species praying is for everybody both male and female, husband and wife, old and Young. stop putting unnecessary Borden on women and stop making marriage look so difficult for women. both partners should know how to pray. Thank you.


With due respect sir, I think this is a very silly comment. Why can’t the man know how to pray for himself.


Sir what if it’s the husband that isn’t praying and studying the word?

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Woman this, woman that. Kill women already. What happened to a man praying? In fact as the so called head of the house isn’t he supposed to lead the family spiritually and in all ways?


I see some comments and i smile, the truth is, when a wife refuses to pray just because she feels the man should too,

then you’re not a wife because whatever decision a husband makes the wife and even children gets to share from the result.

Either the man does her well or good it depends on how she’s close to God. It’s in the interest of wives to be prayerful, some of us has erred in the beginning of taking marital decision, we need God’s mercy.

See the controversial post below:

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