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South African Rapper, ‘AKA’ Sheds Light On What Has Fueled Violence Against Women In His Country

South African Rapper, ‘AKA’ Sheds Light On What Has Fueled Violence Against Women In His Country

South African music act and dad-of-one, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as ‘AKA’ once tweeted that he feared for his daughter’s future in a violent prone South Africa has delved into more initiate discussions centred on raising the boy child in his country.  

South Africa is undoubtedly notorious for gruesome sexual crimes against women  as well as brazen killings of their women. According to a report on, the latest data available from the South African police, 2,930 adult women were murdered in one year. (2017/18). AKA has now traced the root of gender-related violence in his country to fault-lines in the upbringing of the boy child and young men and says it’s time to do what’s right for the future of women and girls.

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The dad-of-one believes that the boy child in his country has suffered neglect and has not being shown love, he believes it is time to start mentoring young boys and men, and says the boy child cannot be left behind if South Africa hopes to defeat gender-based violence.

Read his tweets below:

“Here’s a thought … if we want to keep this and the NEXT generation of women in our country safe, surely we should take an honest look at the upbringing of our BOYS and YOUNG MEN, so that they can take care of our women and children.

South African boys who are unloved, who are told they are not worth anything, who are ignored, who are bullied and belittled…who have no self confidence or sense of responsibility. ..turn into South African MEN who rape and kill.

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I myself am guilty of not mentoring enough young men and that is something I need to change and take responsibility for.”


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