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2019 World Heart Day: Medical Expert Enlightens On Approved Habits That Can Help The Heart Live Long & Function Well

2019 World Heart Day: Medical Expert Enlightens On Approved Habits That Can Help The Heart Live Long & Function Well

A Consultant Cardiologist with the Alimosho General Hospital, Lagos, has dished out important tips on what to do to make our heart live long. According to Dr. Adedeji Akinbo, proper dietary, exercises and good sleep are very important if you want to achieve healthy heart function.

The expert made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, against that backdrop of the 2019 World Heart Day, annually celebrated all over the world on Sept. 29.

It was reported that the UN set aside Sept. 29, to commemorate absolute cognisance of the heart, as ‘king’ organ of the body system. The 2019 celebration was tagged: “Your Heart, My Heart”.

Dr. Akinbo described dietary values as daily vegetables and fruits consumption, since the heart required 36 nutrients to be considered in good shape with at least 7-8 hours interrupted sleep. The cardiologist said:

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“Take note of the abdominal fat as eating late supper triggers that a lot. A normal food serving should bereft excessive sodium chloride (salt), nor fattening meat as ‘bokoto’, fried poultry and beef.

Being overweight looks like placing an elephant on an ant. Invariably, fattening meals overwhelms the heart.

Thus, if you want to live long, consider taking proper care of your heart .You are what you eat, the heart needs proper nutrients to daily nourish itself.”

The consultant called for regular walks to joust the heart rate to activeness. Akinbo added:

“Walking fast stimulates the heart to effectiveness and aids even circulation of blood into it. Hence, make your walk more brisk every single day.

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“A collaborative initiative towards success of body organs is solely dependent on proper nutrition to enhance functionality of the heart.”

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According to him, it is pertinent to keep educating people on proper standard toward healthy habits that aid good heart working condition.

He added that small changes could make powerful difference at fueling, moving, and loving the heart through constant checks and regular scrutiny of the blood pressure status.

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