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Joys Of Fatherhood: Adekunle Gold Reveals How He Felt When He Saw His Baby Girl For The Very 1st Time & It’s Very Emotional

Joys Of Fatherhood: Adekunle Gold Reveals How He Felt When He Saw His Baby Girl For The Very 1st Time & It’s Very Emotional

Some days ago, entertainer, Adekunle Gold and his wife, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, simply known as Simi welcomed their first child together.

Simi, a Nigerian singer, and songwriter shared the great news of the arrival of her baby girl, attaching a picture of her husband carrying their bundle of joy.

“It’s like free-falling – this unending, soul-snatching, infinite, mind-boggling love. Deja, my baby girl, I got you. I promise. Now and forever. So help me God,” she posted.

Simi and Adekunle Gold getting married in 2019 with about 300 selected guests at their white wedding. Simi had earlier given an indication that she was expecting a baby soon when she showed off her baby bump in a music video a few weeks ago.

In a very cute and emotional fan mail shared by Adekunle Gold, he talked about how he felt when he saw his daughter for the very first time. Adekunle Gold said he cried when Simi gave birth to their baby. He also announced the name of the baby as Adejare.

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Here’s what he wrote:

”It’s been a lot right? I know. The violence against women, against black people and this pandemic was just too much, I had to log out for a bit. I had to check out to prepare a healthy mind and safe space to welcome my child into the world.

And even though I have sad feelings throughout the day about the crisis outside, when I am with my baby, it’s pure unadulterated joy. I cried so much when Adejare came out. I cried when I first held her. I can’t lie, I still stare at her and shed a few more. Lol

It feels like an obsession really. If someone else is holding Deja, I miss her. I love our skin to skin time. I love feeding her. I love changing her diapers. I love everything, including the insomnia. I’m obsessed with all her expressions; you need to see her stank face – it’s hilarious.

I have never seen any baby this beautiful. I mean it. My baby came out with a head full of hair like mine and the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen like Simi. Wow.

I feel so protective over her, and everything happening right now has made me even more conscious of how I want to raise her. I want her to always know she is loved. She is powerful. She is pure black girl magic and I will always believe in her.

I know we are fighting for so much right now. So much pain and insensitivity of the past generations are haunting us. I hope we don’t quit fighting for women’s rights too, because I truly believe if our women are empowered and allowed to lead, we all would be so much better for it. I know this first hand because Simi is powerful and my life is better for it.

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While we fight for todays problems, let’s also fight for our future. We must ensure we don’t raise our children with the same consciousness that raised us. We must raise sons who respect value and revere women and raise daughters that are strong and fearless.

That we raise children who speak up and stand up for what is right, that we raise children who don’t continue the cycle of abuse, fear, secrecy and insensitivity that has plagued our own generation and the ones before us. I pray for justice for all the victims and that if the hand of the law isn’t a swift enough, that the hand of God will do His thing.

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Above all, I wish that even in this madness you find pockets of sunshine that help you breath and reconnect with yourself, and that you have reasons to feel alive and happy.

I’m hugging and kissing and praying over my unemployed princess, while supporting everyone in all the other ways I can.

I pray you are doing the same too.

Sending you loads of love.

AG Baby is your baby

Scratch that

AG Baby has a Baby. ?.”

Congratulations to the amazing couple!

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