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Why This New Mum, Fatimah, Wants Other Women To Think Twice Before They Judge Pregnant Women

Why This New Mum, Fatimah, Wants Other Women To Think Twice Before They Judge Pregnant Women

Using her own pregnancy experience to school other women on why they should think twice before they judge a pregnant woman,  a new mum, Fatimah, is calling the attention of other women to some of the many complications that may come with pregnancy.

Fatimah shared her story on a forum for wives and mothers in Nigeria.

Clearly, every pregnancy is unique and Fatimah who has been through the throes shares on her difficult 9-month gestation period; enduring severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum – a condition in pregnancy that she says needs to be talked about more often.

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She shares again about ‘Pytalism’ – an excessive secretion of saliva during pregnancy and how she wound up secretly praying for a miscarriage due to the severity of her symptoms, despite having first prayed hard for conception to happen.

Read the new mum’s narration below:

Hello beautiful mothers… I had my babyboy 4 weeks ago, after i battled with severe hyperemesis gravidarum.
Which is something I feel it’s not getting enough awareness.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe type of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy… Mothers, this ain’t joke, hyperemesis gravidarum is far different from morning sickness, pls dont compare the two.

how possible is it to not be able to eat and drink for days and even months. The kind of nausea being witnessed during (HG) is debilitating, way beyond what your body can take, some women unfortunately experience pytalism on top of HG, which was exactly what happened during my pregnancy.

I experienced pytalism up until few hours after pushing my baby out.
Pytalism is an excessive secretion of saliva during pregnancy.

So many horrible things HG would make you go through, imagine secretly praying for a miscarriage after praying hard to conceive.

And the saddest part is, as of now, there’s no known cure for HG.

Most doctors don’t even know how bad HG could damage a woman. The medication that made me survive the early part of my pregnancy were reglan,zofran and phenergan and still I was miserable.

People swear by ginger, lemon and co, none of it worked, I kept loosing weight till my doctor said enough is enough and had me admitted, while I was being pumped with drips to stay hydrated, since I couldn’t keep water down for a whole month.

I know women who are still going through multiple surgeries after birth to fix the damages HG had cause to their organs. Pls let’s all be more compassionate to each other pregnancy or not.

We women go through a lot to bring our little ones to the world. Let’s be kind to ourselves.

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Before you wear that boot of judgment for your fellow woman, THINK TWICE!!!

Before you accused that pregnant woman of being too dirty, THINK TWICE!!! also let’s resist the urge to offer unsolicited advice to women who have not asked for our opinions.

Resist the urge to compare pregnancies.
What works for xyz might not work for abc.

One positive thing I learnt from HG is to be more compassionate to women and also never to downplay how my fellow woman handles and feel pain.

Despite, the malnutrition, dehydration,weight loss and vomiting, I welcomed my beautiful boy to the world on the 6th of may….

Join me to welcome my son Ikhlas Adeyemi Adegoke. God bless you all.

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