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After His Scary Encounter With 11-Year-Old Boy Oozing Maggots From His Anus, This Nigerian Doctor, Bright Oris, Has Some Advice For Parents

After His Scary Encounter With 11-Year-Old Boy Oozing Maggots From His Anus, This Nigerian Doctor, Bright Oris, Has Some Advice For Parents

A medical doctor took to Twitter to narrate an encounter he had earlier today with an 11-year-old male patient who had maggots coming out of his butt after he was raped by a male neighbour. Dr Bright Oris said the boy was brought in yesterday, June 17, by his parents after his mother noticed maggots coming out of his butt.

The mother became suspicious when she observed he had difficulty sitting down properly, so she checked him while he was asleep.

The boy later opened up to his parents that his abuser is their former male neighbour – a married man. The neighbour, who is now on the run, had been raping the boy for over three years and threatened to kill him if he tells anyone. It began when they were still neighbours and continued even after the boy’s family moved. The neighbour continued to visit them at their new house and would sometimes take the boy with him.

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The doctor said he checked the boy and found that he has anal warts. He added that they have screened the boy for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis, and are waiting for the result.

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I’m just so livid! .Today I decided to come to work to meet yet another heartbreaking story
So a man brings an 11yr old boy to the clinic; he was reluctant to talk saying they came for examination
Oga what’s the problem?
“A man has been raping the boy for over 3yrs
Wait what?!
Pls come again???
The mother noticed one day that the boy wasn’t sitting properly and he denied any injury when she asked so when he was sleeping at night she decided to check; guess what she found? Maggots coming out from the boys Anus ?
She quickly told the father… who then probed but the boy refused to talk; Which made the father angry and beat him nonstop for 3hrs;

He even showed me the multiple bruising marks and fresh scars on his back

Pause! Oga you beat your child like this for 3hrs!???

“Yes sir because he was refusing to tell me who was sexually abusing him”
**Deep Sigh ?… I didn’t know if to turn my anger on the man for horrible parenting or just keep it centered on that elephant in the room.
“ok pls continue..
After he beat the child for 3hrs, the boy finally revealed the identity of the man who has been abusing him… a former neighbor ??‍♂️… and it all started a little over 3yrs ago. Even after they moved to another house the neighbor would still come and pick him up;

the boy refused to talk all this while because the neighbor threatened to kill him if he ever said a word about it to anyone ??‍♂️

3 whole years! And the said neighbor is married. He ran away when the police was involved.

(Abusers always use threat to keep their victims silent)

I did a physical examination for the boy, he barely talked and was easily startled at the slightest sounds.
Performed a rectal examination; boy already had Anal warts?…
Anal wart is caused by infection of human papilloma virus and if left unattended to can cause anal cancer.
My small finger could barely go in without resistance and yet a grown man was putting his adult sized penis in this small boy… what an animal!
I’m pained, angry and disgusted at thesame time
But I had to keep it together and not let my anger out.
When I was done, I prescribed some medications and tests; surely we have to screen this boy for sexually transmitted infection like HIV and Hepatitis amongst others. Hopefully they all come back negative ??

No doubt this boy will also need lots of psychotherapy for a long time…

I can’t even begin to imagine the ripple effects this experience might have on him. ?

Pls parents… always check your children; when they’re asleep at night strip them and check! Check for bruises, wounds, marks but most of all, be the kind of parent that is approachable by your kids.

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Abusers are not often strangers; they’re people you know.

Create the kind of atmosphere that gives your kids the confidence to talk to you about anything and everything including everyone without fear of judgment or punishment. Abeg nau!!!

We’re living in dangerous times; parenting should be more proactive and intentional.

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