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Why 30-Year-Old Mums, Nicole Sutton Has To Make Her Children Wear Dress In Numbers

Why 30-Year-Old Mums, Nicole Sutton Has To Make Her Children Wear Dress In Numbers

When Nicole and Joseph Sutton met back in 2005, they didn’t think children were on the cards for them and were picturing a quiet life together. Fast forward 15 years and the pair now share 11 children – eight daughters and three sons.

They all live together in a three-bedroom home in Aspatria, Cumbria. According to Nicole, 30, their plans changed after she fell pregnant with their eldest child, Rhiannan, and once she was born the babies just kept on coming.

And while they’ve had to give up a few things they wanted in life, such as swapping a dream of owning a fancy car for a 17-seater minibus to shuttle the whole family about, the pair say they couldn’t be happier with how things turned out.

Two years after Rhiannan was born, the family welcomed another daughter, Lacy, now 12. Lacy was followed by Mackenzie, 10, Skylar, nine, Henley, seven, twins Cobi and Parker, six, Hadley, four, River, three, Ocean, two, Navy, five months and Hallie, who was stillborn last year.

Speaking about her large family, Nicole said:

“Shocked was my first reaction when I found out I was pregnant with Rhiannon.

“I had the contraceptive implant so I never expected to fall pregnant.

“We didn’t find out until I was already four months gone. I took a test because I was putting weight on but I never thought it would be positive.

“I had no idea how we would manage but any child is a blessing so we just rolled with it.

“The more I had, the more I loved it.”

The part-time shop assistant went on to explain how the large group attracts a lot of attention when they’re out and she’s had to make t-shirts with numbers on for them all to wear, so they can keep track of everyone.

Joseph, 35, who works as a coach driver, agreed that going out can be difficult.

He said:

We always get comments. On the school run Nicole gets asked if they’re all hers.

People pull faces sometimes when we’re out but we don’t take much stock of it anymore, it doesn’t bother us.

“When people at work ask how many kids I’ve got they say I’d be better on the dole than working so we can’t win.

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“They don’t know how I work and take care of them all but you’ve got to, you need to work and I’ve always worked.”

He added:

“People should mind their own business, they don’t have to deal with it, they don’t have to look after them and it doesn’t affect their lives.

“It was our choice to have them.”

Having so many children has meant that the couple have to be super organised and Nicole is often in charge of keeping things under control during the day, with Joseph taking over for the bedtime routine.

However she admits that at times it can be “absolute madness” in their home and her partner agrees, branding her “superwoman” for handling it all, saying:

“I don’t know how she does it”.

Source: Mirror Online

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