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Singles Searching For Life Partners: Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija & Toyin Poju-Oyemade’s Advice Will Prove Useful For You

Singles Searching For Life Partners: Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija & Toyin Poju-Oyemade’s Advice Will Prove Useful For You

Power women, billionaire businesswoman Apostle Folorunsho Alakija and Pastor Mrs Poju Oyemade have shared a simple but important advice to singles waiting to get married, and they couldn’t be more qualified to share such wisdom.

In the bid encourage, educate, enlighten and give unflinching hope to ‘Singles’ about choosing the right spouse and comporting their lives as Singles, the Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International (ROSGMI) recently held its 2nd University of Marriage Singles conference, 2020 with the theme: ‘None shall lack her mate’.

Ministering at the program was the founder of ROSGMI, Mrs Alakija, servant- leader, Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International, Pastor Bolaji Idowu, of Harvester International Christian Centre and Pastor Mrs.Oyemade of The Covenant Nation.

Alakija, mother of four grown men who gave reference to bible verses: Isaiah 34 vs 16, Mark 11, 24, Philipians 4vs 6, Isaiah 62 states that singles should not be intimidated to find a life partner because the bible has said that whatever things you ask when you pray, you will get it.

Mrs Alakija who is one of the richest woman in Africa noted that marriage was originated from God and if God considers animals to partner and to procreates how much more would he not do it for humans. She prophesied:

“You will find the right man or woman, God will not deny you your heart desire as far as it is in line with his words”.

Speaking from the point of view of 44 years in marriage, the power woman hinted that some mature singles are not married because: they lack interest in marriage, fear of rejection, they are not financially capable yet, spiritual reasons and bad character.

She therefore, charged them to use the key of prayers to get whatever they desire. The key of prayers, she stated is the key to open doors and it is the key for new beginning.

“Prayers is the key to be blessed, it is the key to be delivered, it s the key for testimonies, the choice is ours. Come boldly to his throne of grace so that you can testify of the goodness of God in your life.”

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She however gave hints on important principles those trusting God for life partners should hold in high esteem.

“Place of prayer is very important, having a friendly disposition attracts people to you, try to work on yourself and don’t pretend to be who you are not, Appearance is a good factor, take good care of your health, body, drink water to flush toxins, wear deodorants, brush your teeth, dress well.

“In appearing nice, you don’t have to rob a bank to look good. The Ankara i’m wearing is simple and not expensive. Check out your colours, wear a right outfit for the right place, don’t look like a old maid or office reject , always dress to look good and surround yourself with right minded people.”

You must prepare yourself for marriage. This she said entails taking care of your looks. You can only attract what you portray. Don’t expose your body, present yourself as a woman of virtue not easy virtue,

In his ministration, pastor Bolaji Idowu admonished singles to walk by faith and not by sight. Fear, he said is the stronghold many singles need to deal with in getting the right life partner because as a man thinketh in his heart so he is. He added:

“Some men are mentality is boxed up with that what all the ladies out the there think about is money, money, money and this produce fears in the men to make a move.

Once the fear is there you wont choose the right spouse. Step out by faith and do something. Attraction is based on faith not by fear. Cut off on social media where you see and hear all things not edifying to your goals in life”.

He further said that some people are single but not available because all their emotions are laced up to the past, while some are in a long relationship for years because of fear. He therefore urge singles to work on their mindset and resist satan and demonic influence in their lives.

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“There’s nobody that is not desire to love, just believe that if God loves me, he has sorted me out”.

Also, one of the ministers at the programme, Pastor Mrs Poju Oyemade, advised singles to first of all love God and also love their neighbour as themselves and everything would fall in place for them in getting a suitable life partner.

“Use your single period well. Your configuration inside will interpret what you feel outside. Marriage is beautiful when you get it right.

It is an important decision that could make you or break you, better have the mindset of getting it right. Even when you marry, it doesn’t mean every problem is solved but when you have these two things you would be fine”.

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She advised that no matter how long it takes, they should wake up every day and tell God the kind of marriage they want and make it a daily confession.

“When there is a lively relationship with God, when God is your personal person, your marriage is heaven on earth. As you walk with God day by day, he changes everything in the home,”

she said.

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