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Lagos Businesswoman, Hajia Aishat’s Story Of Becoming A Mom After 11 Years Of Childlessness Is A Powerful One

Lagos Businesswoman, Hajia Aishat’s Story Of Becoming A Mom After 11 Years Of Childlessness Is A Powerful One

Lagos society woman, Hajia Aishat Adeola Moshood‘s journey to becoming a mother is an inspiring one. She welcomes her first child 5 years ago after waiting for 11 years.

Hajia is one of the Lagos fabric merchants who also plays big in the gold business. She also co-run “Turaki Garden City” with her husband, Chief Muhammad Jamiu Abiodun.

Her business Moshade is popular as she is into 3 chains of business and she plays big in all. She runs Moshade Gold, Moshade Skincare, Moshade Fabrics.

A few days ago, she turns 41 and she celebrated amidst pomp and pageantry. In an exclusive interview with City People’s Assistant Society Editor, Hajia opens up on her life at 41, many lessons life has taught her, her waiting period, and how three people waiting for mother shouldn’t visit.

Enjoy it.

How do you feel turning 41?

I’m very excited and it’s a privilege to be alive. 2020 has been so rugged so I just want to praise the Almighty Allah for being alive and for bringing me this far.

How has it been converting from Christianity knowing that your husband is a Muslim?

One, a woman doesn’t have a religion, so converting wasn’t difficult even though I’m from a very deep Christian home with pastors. Most of my family members are pastors in Redeemed Church, so I’m the only Alhaja in my family. It’s not difficult in as much as you find God’s favor and I’ve found God’s favor in Islam. He has wiped away my tears and I found joy in Islam. I’m proud to be called a Muslim.

You waited on the lord for over 11 years, what was your trying moment like?

Well, it is a journey I just want to give glory to God for. That is why I keep telling people who are waiting on the lord that they should not visit 3 people while waiting on the Lord.

They are Babalawos (herbalists), Pastors, and Alfa. Don’t visit herbalists.

They can’t give you a child. Only God gives and never takes back. God has been faithful in my life. He made everything possible for me.

Going to herbalist or Mamalawo doesn’t solve childlessness. Only pray to God. He is the one who can change destiny. He gives. Do a comprehensive medical report.

Many women are suffering from PCOS and they don’t even know. There is no way you can be pregnant if you have PCOS. Menstruation and hormonal imbalance won’t make you pregnant. I remember while waiting on the Lord then, I went to one of the best fertility hospitals in the UK.

I am a British citizen. Ask anyone, this particular hospital, you will pay 5000 pounds first for a comprehensive test. I did the test and I was told, there is no way I can get pregnant and even if I try, it may be difficult to give birth. If you are waiting on the Lord I want to tell you that you will smile.

God performs wonders and hears prayers ask Him and He will give you. I remember when I met my husband, I was skeptical about marriage and I told him if he wants a child he shouldn’t marry me.

He strongly told me that He is God’s friend and even if it is only 1 child God has He will give. You see that man, he strongly believes so much in God. I can’t finish this story today.

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How is it like converting from Christianity to Islam?

Remember I always tell you that in Islam I’ve found joy and everlasting peace. I’m so grateful to Almighty Allah and my husband. I used to tell people that all men are not the same. It is very rare to find a very prayerful and supportive man. I don’t think any man will consider marrying a woman that will say go if you want children because I knew I cannot have children.

And the man says to you that if it’s only a child that is left in heaven, I’d ask God to give you. I told him and said there is no hope so don’t come and disturb me.

How easy was it telling your family to accept your husband?

It wasn’t difficult. I know our relationship is from heaven. Since I’ve known my husband, I have never had a cause to regret. For the years that we have been married, he has never gone to my family to report.

They even praise Allah in our lives. We are like a perfect combo from heaven. When we have little conflicts and we settle it among ourselves and we move on. That is why I am never tired to praise God and shower love on my husband.

How did you feel the first time you held your baby?

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It was not until I held my baby. The experience was out of this world. My own antenatal was a special one. I started antenatal the very first day I found out I was pregnant. Every week, I will do a scan. If I don’t feel okay every day, I go to the clinic. And my doctor will say, “Omo yin lo fo soke yi”.

The doctor had so much interest in my case. He knows how long I have waited. Every week, we were doing a scan and when I had my baby, I was so excited. Those moments were a tough time for me. I was really happy. Even some people couldn’t believe it and they thought I went to adopt because of my case. You know God is so good. And then, Rohan came after 1 year and a half.

I had Masidat 2016 and Rohan 2017 and all through the caesarian session. God gave me enough proof to show the world that He is mighty.

What made you say if your husband is looking for a child, you have none to give him?

I have seen a lot. If you have seen any women who is waiting and he told you he hasn’t seen anything, be sure that she is lying. It is because of what I have seen that I can say that there is no power except that of God.

“Eni to ba nwa omo, ko wu, but ati se awon nkan ti ko wun” (any woman waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb would have done lots of things which she doesn’t even want to do). It is only God that gives children. When you have tried so much and all to no avail. I felt I have done a lot and I don’t think I want any child then, so I told him, I don’t want any man that wants a child.

I didn’t want any man to ask me if I am pregnant but my husband was so insistent. He made that statement and God affirm it. I am forever grateful to God for sending a man like Turaki to me.

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How fulfilled are you?

I am so fulfilled and I say Alliamdulilai. If there is anything, I can say that Allah has done a lot for me.

What has life taught you?

A lot. Before now, my life has been zig-zag, but Allah perfected all that concerns me. He wipes away my tears.

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