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Actress Ameze Imarhiagbe Calls Out ‘Society’ For Being Enablers Of Violence Against Women

Actress Ameze Imarhiagbe Calls Out ‘Society’ For Being Enablers Of Violence Against Women

Nollywood actress, Ameze Imarhiagbe has taken to her Instagram handle to speak against domestic violence, and to condemn the society for what she describes as enabling violence against women.

 Ameze revealed that women need support to exit such injurious situation, urging society to stop being evil to women and shaming them to stay.

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How she put it

”Domestic violence is real and should be taken seriously. The ”beater” needs you more than you need him.

He needs to beat you to make him feel good.

It’s a mental problem. He needs help. And our society should stop being evil and shaming women to remain in a volatile situation.

It does not end well. The man needs help and the woman needs support to exit that situation.

He will eventually turn to the children and also start hurting them.

This is a vicious cycle and it keeps propagating violence in the society”

Yes! l’m here again to cry out against domestic violence and let women (men) know that they are stronger than they know

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I’m also calling out the pretenders in a society that likes to shame victims.

STOP IT! What you need to ask yourself is, if the victim was your daughter, sister or even friend, would you put them right back into a volatile situation?

So, before you start acting “goody goody” and hiding behind religion, ask yourself that!!!

See a screenshot of her post below:

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