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Young Music Star, Lil Kesh Reveals His Battle With Depression And How He Fought For His Happiness

Young Music Star, Lil Kesh Reveals His Battle With Depression And How He Fought For His Happiness

Young Nigerian rapper & YAGI Boss, Keshinro Ololade, popularly known by his stage name Lil Kesh, recently took to his social media page to open up on his mental health issues and also share a piece of advice with those currently battling depression.

According to the young rapper, some of the richest people you see are poor inside therefore one should not be deceived by the fact that the rich cannot experience depression.

The Nigerian songwriter also share with his fans on how he was able to find happiness and how they could also do same.

According to the 25-year-old star in a tweet dated Wednesday, January 13, 2021, he was able to fight depression and regain his happiness by meditating, eating healthy, exercising often, praying and ignoring negative voices in your head.

In his words;

“If you’re depressed talk to someone, meditate if you can, eat healthy , exercise often, get enough sleep, pray and ignore those negative voices in your head…..that was how I fought for my happiness. Fight.

“Some of the richest people you know are poor on the inside, do not be fooled they also cry, mental health is real, be nice to people.”

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He further urged fans to also be nice to people as they may be going through a lot, irrespective of their status.

Lil Kesh in an interview with Pulse also opened up about his mental health:

“It creeped up on me, bro [scoffs]. I would have lucid moments of clarity and then some dark times. I got it all wrong because I kept going into the studio to recreate ‘that guy.’ Not just the ‘Y.A.G.I guy,’ but that era.

“I would go into the studio to create hits and that was wrong. When I had those hits, I didn’t go into the studio to create hits, I just created them because of a good beat or great inspiration.” he continues, “Fame changes people, but we have to handle things better.”

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