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Shocking Details Emerge On What Led To The Crash Of Ooni Of Ife’s Marriage To Queen Naomi

Shocking Details Emerge On What Led To The Crash Of Ooni Of Ife’s Marriage To Queen Naomi

It’s no longer news that the once celebrated marriage of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi and Queen Silekunola Naomi has hit the rocks and sadly, fraught with much controversies.

Yesterday, her Majesty, Olori Silekunola Naomi confirmed the end of her 3-year-old marriage to the monarch and cleared a few things up.

The mother of one in a lengthy post said that her decision to leave the union has nothing to do with the fact that the Ooni of Ife is married to other queens.

Well, according to sources from the palace, contrary to what is being peddled by the queen that she left the monarch, the sources revealed that Queen Naomi and her family were sent packing from the ancient palace of Ile-Ife.

The sources further revealed that the queen could not cope with the other queens (Ayabas) in the palace. Though she was the only one who was allowed to be featured as the Queen and addressed as Yeyeluwa, there were other queens who bore kids for the Ooni in the palace.

As a matter of fact, one of the queens had her baby before Queen Naomi had Prince Tadenikawo. Aside the seven Ayabas in the palace, a few more women might soon join to increase the already intimidating harem.

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“Then there is the issue of Queen Naomi’s mum who was always at loggerhead with palace staff and some of the queens. She always had one misunderstanding or the other with everyone in the palace.

Meanwhile, Queen Naomi was always taking sides with her mum and sister who lived with her in the palace. They all packed their luggage to the palace since the marriage was consummated three years ago.

There was a time the formerly Akure-based Naomi’s family was waging war against Queen Ashley but the intervention of the Ooni put a stop to that,”

a palace source disclosed exclusively to Kemi Ashefon.

However, the brouhaha was ongoing when Queen Naomi and her family left the palace even before the monarch’s sixth coronation anniversary.

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She was conspicuously absent during the sixth anniversary celebration. She even refused to put up a congratulatory message for the Ooni concerning the anniversary celebration.

“Naomi was taking sides with her mum, who was sharing the same apartment with her daughter. Of course the Ooni wasn’t comfortable with the presence of the mum who was alleged to be demanding money and more from her daughter who would run to the monarch for such.

Though the Ooni obliged a few times, he became uncomfortable with such demands and refused the last time which led to a misunderstanding and she threatened to leave. Of course she carried out her threats and moved out of the palace with her family,”

the palace source added.

This time, the Ooni didn’t bother to beg her to stay. He must have been tired of Naomi and her family, especially her mum. Therefore, he was said to have locked Queen Naomi’s apartment in the palace and kept the keys.

The queen took to social media on Thursday and announced the end of the 3-year-old marriage. The marriage which was solemnized in 2018, produced one-year-old Prince Tadenikawo.

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