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Failed Marriage, Criticisms And Success: Media Mogul, Mo Abudu Bares All In New Interview 

Failed Marriage, Criticisms And Success: Media Mogul, Mo Abudu Bares All In New Interview 

Media personality, TV producer, and founder of EbonyLife Media, Mosunmola ‘Mo’ Abudu, in a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, talks exclusively about things she hasn’t talked about ever before – including her failed marriage, her children, relationship with her mum and losing her father.

Speaking on her failed marriage, Miss Mo stated that she and her ex-husband, Tokunbo, were still friends. According to the mother of two, separating from an ex does not mean they the person is a bad person.

“I don’t think that because you have decided to separate from your ex means that they were a bad human being, no. Tokunbo Abudu, I’ll say it till tomorrow, is a good father. He remains a good friend of mine. That’s the most important thing in our relationship and we have two children together.

My children love their father and they love me, they don’t need to pick, they don’t need to say ‘is it mummy or daddy?’.

When my son graduated, we were both there. When it was Temidayo’s wedding, we planned it together, we were both there. I’m not saying that some relationships can’t end badly and then there could be bitterness. But there wasn’t. There was no bitterness in our relationship.

“It didn’t work, it didn’t work, and that’s it. We are good friends.”

When asked why she separated despite being good friends with her ex-husband, the 57-year-old grandma answered,

“It didn’t work because there are other things that make up a relationship outside of just being friends. There were so many other things in the equation at the time.”

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On how she handles the attacks, the criticism, and the scrutiny that mostly follows such her success:

“Let anybody think what they want, abi? Those that know you, know you. You know me, those that are around me know me. Anyone that is talking doesn’t know me, and that’s very okay. Get on with it. The thing is also, don’t lose focus, because these things can be distracting and I’m way too busy.

Yes, it can be painful and one reason why it’s painful is because of the young girls that look up to you. I don’t want the young girls that look up to me to think that, this is what I have done. And if they do, then I worry about them.

One of our partners visited recently and was like, my goodness, even if it was true, we don’t care, just get in and just give us our projects. For them it is about the results.”

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On her closeness and relationship with her mother:

“Now having being born in England, for the longest time, I have to say that, I came back to Nigeria when I was 7. For those 4 years, my mom was working in Lagos, she was working and I went to live with my grandmother in Ondo.

Having spent time with my grandmother opened me up to certain opportunities that I’ll be forever grateful for… the wisdom of the old. But my mom and I were very very close and when your mother tells you stories of the fights they have fought for you all your life, you can not be close to them.

But I’m happy that I had the opportunity to be close to my mom, to my grandmother, to my sisters, to my children. Relationships are the things that keep us going, when I look at my life today at 57, that is what has sustained me.

Because when you’re on a journey, there are times that you could have crashed, but people are there to lift you up. There are people there to lift you down oh, don’t get me wrong. At every point in time that you are rising, there are those that are like, hell no! Why her? Why her? Because you do the work. Do the work and you will get the results, simple!”

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