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Writer, Ese Walter Calls Out Her Ex-Husband, Benny Ark For Domestic Violence And Leaving Their Underaged Kids With The Gateman… This Is Really Messy!!!

Writer, Ese Walter Calls Out Her Ex-Husband, Benny Ark For Domestic Violence And Leaving Their Underaged Kids With The Gateman… This Is Really Messy!!!

Ese Walter, a Nigerian writer, has called out her ex-husband and Arise News anchor, Benny Ark, whom she alleged beat her and took their kids and she had to leave.

In a post she shared on social media, Ese who was married to Benny for five years before their union crashed in 2018, further disclosed that Ark left their two underaged children home alone on a Saturday to rush off to a meeting overnight.

Ese said, among other things that she is calling her ex out for turning the gateman into the Nanny while he goes telling the kids their mother does not love them.

The mother of two also accused Ark of keeping her away from seeing their children.

Read what she wrote below…

First call out…

”Today I googled ‘co-parenting with a Narcissist’ to remind myself who I am dealing with and how to proceed with this new phase of allowing my children to call me.

Tonight, Boob man said daddy said they are big enough to stay alone while he rushes out for a meeting. Meeting that will last overnight, right?

You irresponsible fool.

You kept our children from me out of sheer wickedness. You didn’t think I will leave them for you. After taking them to Transcorp to roam the hotel because you didn’t want me to have them, you have graduated to leaving them alone at home.

How does a 7-year old and 5-year-old take care of themselves?

You let the gateman stay with them overnight, washing their clothes and taking care of them, and for what? So you can bam bam?

Doesn’t Arise TV abi Arise Media know that you left underage children at home with the gateman (after hitting their Mother who was staying with and catering to them for YEARSSS) when they asked you to come for a meeting on a SATURDAY night?

Benny Ark, the gloves are off now.

Let’s fight dirty.

You are clearly not someone to reason with and I am done playing with the life of my children with you.

You wicked, wicked man!

Do you think you can do the things men of the older generation used to do and get away with it?

And if any idiot comes here to blame me for any of this, the thunder that will fire your whole entire life will do that tonight.

Any bigger idiot that wants to ask why social media… because this show I roll. Let everything be out here because this man’s psychological manipulation thrives in silence and I’m tired of having family meetings.

Wherever you are in that Abuja, Benny, whether it’s ARISE News abi TV or Media…. you have failed your first responsibility. You cannot say you are going for meeting and leave your children the gateman. Nope! Your oga kpatakpata is not responsible if he allows this.

The same ARISE NEWS casters that talk about child abuse on TV but call a single father with two underaged children to come to work and leave his kids with the gateman? Isn’t this child abuse too?

I told my family then that this man is keeping these kids to wicked me. They said I have started again. He didn’t know I will leave. After hitting me because you wouldn’t give me my breastfeeding infant. You thought I’d come back begging so you can put me in what you think is my place.

You have taken, taken, and taken from me, Benny Ark. Your day of reckoning is here

It is time to return the favour.”

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Second call out..

“You told our son that I don’t love him that’s why l left.


You forgot they were right there seeing you bully me.

My son said, “I wanted to help mummy, but I am too small. I wanted to leave with mummy but daddy shouted that I should go to the house.”

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That 7 year old is more reasonable than your 43-year old ass and you know why? Because I poured into him. I raised him. I taught him mindfulness and how to breathe and speak to himself when things on the outside seem out of his control. I DID THAT. ME!

That’s how he has survived you.

He called me crying. You don’t want him to speak to me when you aren’t there to control what he says.

Well, he spoke to me just now. Whispering daddy has gone out and says we can take care of ourselves. Really?

A gateman is with our kids?

Has been staying with them since Monday?

Ah, Benny!

Great will be your fall.

It will not be well with you o….

You shouldn’t have tried this shit with me knowing how unclean your hands are. You shouldn’t have.

Your Karma will deal with you. It is coming

But you see our kids, not negotiation.”

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