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Late Osinachi Nwachukwu’s Mum And Twin Sister Narrate Heart-wrenching Experiences With Her Husband, Peter

Late Osinachi Nwachukwu’s Mum And Twin Sister Narrate Heart-wrenching Experiences With Her Husband, Peter

The bereaved mother and twin sister of gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu have narrated how her late daughter’s husband, Peter Nwachukwu made life unbearable for the late singer, saying he vowed, she could only leave their marriage in death.

Osinachi’s mother, in a video made this known to BBC Igbo, where she narrated the level of maltreatment, her daughter and family endured from Peter.

She also revealed that she couldn’t see her grandchildren for 8 years and was never allowed to come for Omugwo (traditional Igbo custom for postpartum care by the woman’s mother).

The distraught mother further disclosed that her daughter’s husband who claimed that he’s a pastor separated her from her family. She further revealed that he never allowed her and her children to their house until pastors intervened, and also pushed them out while she (mother) was sick.

She said despite the fact that Peter was jobless, and lived on her daughter’s wealth, he beats and verbally assaults her, and when the deceased’s singer’s younger brother wanted to intervene, Peter stopped him from visiting his home and family.

She went on to reveal that Osinachi left her marriage for over a year, and only returned after her husband came with Pastors to beg.

The mother said, before her death, Osinachi refused to open up about her ordeal, until the neighbours called pleading with the family to act decisively before they would lose her.

She maintained that Peter’s maltreatment of her daughter was unbearable, he threatened countlessly to snuff the life out of her, adding that whenever they pulled Osinachi out of that marriage, Peter would come pleading for her return, but she always refused, but Osinachi insisted she would go back as there is no splitting a union ordained by God.

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She added that when she died Peter did not let the family know, saying that they heard about her death from outsiders.

She also disclosed that before her daughter died, she and husband went for medical checkup and were told by medical experts that nothing was wrong with her. She however accused Peter of making up claims of his wife being a cancer patient.

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The gospel singer’s sisters including her twin, also shared painful experiences with Peter. They recounted how he pretended to be a nice person, till he got married to their sister.

They corroborated their mother’s claim of not being allowed to do Omugwo for the singer’s four children and also claimed that Osinachi was maltreated while pregnant and after child birth.

The singer’s twin further disclosed that her sister was in distress when she sang her hit song, “Ekwueme” and that made her cry in the video which went viral afterwards.

She added that her husband threatened to separate them and also fulfilled his threat. They disclosed that Peter is unemployed and allegedly assaulted and extorted their sister repeatedly when she’s paid for her song’s ministration

Osinachi, who is known for her collaborative hit track Ekwueme, died at an Abuja hospital on Friday as a result of domestic violence.

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