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Your Semen Colour Could Be Signs Of Serious Health Conditions -Expert Tells Men | Here’s What They Should Know 

Your Semen Colour Could Be Signs Of Serious Health Conditions -Expert Tells Men | Here’s What They Should Know 

A Sexual and Reproductive Health expert, Dr. Yemi Adeyemi, has urged men to pay better attention to changes in the colour of their semen, noting that semen colour could be signs of serious health conditions.

Dr. Adeyemi explained that normal semen should be whitish-gray, adding that men ejaculating a brownish, orange tinge, pink or red semen should seek medical intervention.

Writing via her Instagram handle, @dryemz, she said, 

“After sex, while you clean up, take a minute to see what your semen looks like. Familiarise yourself with what is normal to you and this would help you decide if there’s a change in the future.

Normal semen is whitish-gray in colour with a jelly-like texture but can vary slightly due to genes, diet and overall health.”

According to an article published by Medical News Today, Normal, healthy semen will be a cloudy white or gray liquid with a consistency similar to raw egg or a runny jelly.

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It will also have an alkaline smell comparable to bleach. Variations in semen content may slightly alter these characteristics.

However, the online medical information platform added that the semen may also change as it mixes with other substances in the seminal fluid. This may include blood, pus, urine, or other liquids within the reproductive system or urethra.

Continuing, Adeyemi listed some colour variations in a man’s semen that could signal an issue. He said,

“f the semen colour is pink or red, it is a sign of fresh blood while brownish or orange tinge is a sign of older blood.

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Causes of this colour variation are sexually transmitted diseases, post-surgery or prostate biopsy, vigorous sex or masturbation, infections and cancers of the male reproductive system.

A yellow or yellowish-green semen is caused by alcohol, marijuana, foods that contain yellow dye or rich in sulfur like onion and garlic, urine in the semen, prostate infection and STIs.

While black semen indicates heavy metals in contaminated food or water and spinal cord injury.”

The sexual health expert also added that exposure to multiple sexual partners, excessive alcohol, use of recreational drugs, and infections are things that could affect one’s sexual health.

She urged men not to be ashamed to see a professional if they notice any change stressing that “your sexual health is important.”

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