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Did You Know That Giving Your Spouse Some Space Can Strengthen Your Marriage? Click To Find Out

Did You Know That Giving Your Spouse Some Space Can Strengthen Your Marriage? Click To Find Out

There are some phrases that can send a chill down your spine when you hear them from your partner. If “We need to talk” is as bad as it gets, “I need some space” isn’t far behind. But the truth is, space isn’t a bad thing as we think.

It may make you feel a little panicky if your partner says that they need some breathing space, but space can be a positive force in a marriage. In fact, it can be a great thing.

Today, many couples are gradually drifting apart in their relationships because they are not aware of the importance of making space for each other right from the beginning of their marital journey.

Though this may seem strange to some, the truth is that giving your spouse his/her own space can go a long way in strengthening your marriage if you or your spouse has never given it a thought in the past.

Space encourages self-care

If your marriage is in a desperate state, according to family coach, Elizabeth Badejo, and you are looking for a way forward this year, you do not have to continue to suffer in silence if you are prepared to take responsibility for your own failure and stop blaming your other half which is the biggest obstacle facing many marriages today.

Perhaps, you have always focused attention on pleasing your spouse who does not reciprocate; this is a good reason to give yourself and your spouse the space you both deserve which may allow him to reflect on his behaviour while you take the time out to look after yourself.

Caring for yourself as an individual ought to be your utmost priority in your marriage as your relationship will flourish when you understand the importance of self-care as well as spending time with families and friends who care about you. Neglecting your own health can affect your relationship and your capacity to make positive choices.

Space can mitigate conflicts

Though some will argue that modern marriage gives spouses the opportunity to choose and express their opinions in their marital affairs compared with the olden marriages.

However, most couples stayed together in the latter marriages because women were more submissive and valued their husbands’ space while staying committed to their own marital obligations too.

This practice suggested that women engaged in fewer conflicts with their men, and many lived in peace and harmony in their marriages till the end.

However, this is the contrary in many modern marriages today where some spouses have become too dependent on their other half due to their own insecurity and lack of self-confidence. This situation can put the spouse under intense pressure which can trigger conflicts in the marriage.

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Space can open communication

The benefits of giving space in marriage outweigh the negatives even though it may create hostility in the beginning if your spouse does not see your good intention.

Making space for each other for a while does not mean cutting off the string of your relationship as this can rescue the situation and redefine the purpose of your commitments again.

If you truly desire to have a successful marriage, you must be able to maintain your sense of identity and independence. They say that, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

The less you spend together, the more you will begin to appreciate each other better and hopefully, start to have conversations towards improving your marriage.

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