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60-Year-Old Kano Man Accused Of Marrying An 11-Year-Old Girl Speaks Up, Defends His Choice

60-Year-Old Kano Man Accused Of Marrying An 11-Year-Old Girl Speaks Up, Defends His Choice

A 60-year-old Nigerian man, pictured above, was recently in the news for marrying an underage girl simply called Sakina.

According to reports, the elderly man and his visibly young bride tied the knot weeks ago in Kano, Nigeria, and a video of their wedding found its way to the internet and sparked outrage from Nigerians on social media, with many asking why an old man should marry a girl that young.

It was alleged that the girl was an 11-year-old minor, while others claimed she is above that age. However, this didn’t sway the mob as they still dragged the man to filth for getting married to a young girl.

Hours later, the elderly groom identified as Aminu Danmaliki defended his choice, writing:

“She is my choice, I married her because we love each other.”

To further address the commotion caused by their wedding, the man has now taken to Facebook to clarify his wife’s age.

According to him, his new bride is actually 21-year-old and not 11 as claimed online. He also appealed to netizens to allow him and his wife enjoy their honeymoon in peace.

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Aminu wrote on Facebook,

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“My recent marriage with Sakina has generated a lot of tension and unfounded allegations that I married an underage girl some suggesting she is 11 years old and that she was forced to marry me. That is untrue. The Wedding Video went viral.

We decided to keep mute but was advised to state the true facts, here it is: My beloved wife is 21 years old she made her own choice of me as her husband and I loved her too. I hope the blackmailers and doubting Thomas’s will see the reality in this picture and leave us alone to enjoy our honeymoon.”

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See his post below,

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