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Divorce Saga: Life Coach, Laila St. Daniel-Mathew, Charly Boy, Others Share Their Views On How Footballer Hakimi Outsmarted His Estranged Wife’s Move 

Divorce Saga: Life Coach, Laila St. Daniel-Mathew, Charly Boy, Others Share Their Views On How Footballer Hakimi Outsmarted His Estranged Wife’s Move 

Life coach, Laila St. Daniel-Mathew, Charly Boy and some others have reacted to reports that Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi’s mother, Fatima is in charge of the player’s fortune.

Recently, news made the rounds online that the 24-year-old Moroccan player, who is reported to be one of the highest-earning players in Ligue 1, owns nothing.

It was alleged that Hakimi’s wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce over his infidelity and demanded half of his fortune, but was informed by the court that Hakimi had no assets as he had put his entire fortune under his mother’s name.

Sharing her thoughts on the saga, Laila in a post via her Facebook page stated that she finds it disgusting that 24-year-old Hakimi is “being controlled by his mother.”

According to the women’s rights activist:

“I see so many nasty comments, mostly by men, towards Hakimi’s wife asking the courts to grant her half his wealth. For crying out loud SHE IS HIS WIFE AND THEY HAVE TWO SONS?

“She can ask for anything because she is part of him – it is left to the courts to decide. I find it MORE DISGUSTING that his MOTHER CONTROLS him! A grown man? All these men talking – is that what they do? A man tied to his mother’s wrapper? Probably she is the cause of whatever issues has led to this divorce!

“Which woman will be happy that everything that happens in her home is controlled by the mother of her husband? Even if she brought him up and was part of his success – it is wrong and very calculating of Hakimi also. I am sure if she has a GOOD lawyer – she can collect a good alimony for herself and her sons.”

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While the life coach slammed Hakimi and his mom, many men have applauded him for making what they termed a ‘smart move’.

Taking to his verified Twitter page, Charly Boy lauded the Morocco international for outsmarting his ex-wife.

The Nwata Miss crooner said Hakimi’s ex-wife wanted to play smart by filing for divorce and demanding half of his properties, but was outsmarted by the footballer.

He wrote:

“Cunny man die, cunny man bury am. Dis Achraf Hakimi the football has dribbled his wife wey file for divorce and demanded half of his property. Hmm, some women sha.

The woman weak when court informed her dat “Millionaire’ husband owns nothing.

Everything he has was in his mother’s name.”

He mocked “gold diggers,” urging women to work hard for their own money.

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Some men have also sparked off a debate on Twitter over the divorce saga. One of the men had stated that a man’s wife cannot be regarded as his family member and has sparked off discussion. Most of the men are applauding Hakimi and saying he made a smart move.

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