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Actor, Gideon Okeke Shares Cryptic Post As He Speaks Up Again About His Current Reality Following His Divorce

Actor, Gideon Okeke Shares Cryptic Post As He Speaks Up Again About His Current Reality Following His Divorce

Nigerian actor, Gideon Okeke has shared details about his current reality following his divorce.

Okeke recently took to his Instagram story to share what he realized after announcing his divorce, that many men are suffering as a result of failed marriages and leaving their children as victims.

Gideon, who parted ways with his wife and mother of his two sons two years ago, said it was only after his divorce that he discovered that many divorced men are being punished by their ex-wives who prevent them from seeing their children.

Gideon questioned single mothers and advised them to treat the father of their children as a human being, rather than just a source of money, despite the failed marriage. He also stressed the importance of children having their fathers in their lives.

In a lengthy post, the actor wrote:

“It’s on the announcement of my separation/divorce that I realised that so many men are going through and enduring a litany of ills as an offshoot of a failed marriage, leaving the kids in tow, as victims. My DM has messages to boot. But, I need to ask…

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What Therapy is reserved or advised for Men who find themselves backed up in this corner?
Is speaking up a “shame thing”?
Does WORK or the advice of going back to
WORK really douse the pain?
Kids are definitely a “mumu button” to the Man who has NOT abandoned his kids and his responsibilities to them. Suddenly all your are good enough for, is FEES. But your seeds still lack their vitamin DADDY! DAMN !!!

He added,

“Dear single Mother,
You didn’t pluck those kids from the trees.
You didn’t buy them off the shelves at
Shoprite. It took 2 of you, in love, to have the privilege of the legacy of Kids, in your life.
People go a whole lifetime without this blessings you have on your laps. They are a gift from God. Being an ONLY child myself…
I can tell U what women go through to find this gift… for free…by God’s grace.
Why you con Dey use this same gift take Dey punish another Man. Or so you thought you were punishing Him. But no! It’s the KIDS
Get out of the Way. You’re in the way of Your kids emotional balance. You’re in the way!”

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Last year, Okeke confirmed his divorce from his wife after two years of separation.

Following the announcement, the celebrity dad however reeled in the aftermath of his divorce as he reveals the hardest part he is dealing with. According to Okeke, the Federal Government melted a harsh punishment on him for a marriage that did not work out.

He further revealed that he has restricted access to his kids until they turn eight years old because he didn’t win their custody during divorce proceedings. Okeke also noted that he can’t take his children out to have fun because his visitation rights are bound to the four walls of a compound.

Taking to his Instagram story, he wrote:

“When I think of my 18year jail sentence I remember even people on death row get 3 visitations as part of the last living rights and the choice of a planned meal before their execution.

People serving life, get visitation even leading up to a conjugal. These are rights laid out for the ones who have wronged society. Whose rightful place is in the gallows.

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But parental alienation and depravation is an ill punishments upon a father who wants to be there for his sons. But by the Federal Government of my kids affairs… I don’t get custody and yet my visitation rights are restricted, ONLY with the 4 corners of their compound. As in I cant even take them for ICE CREAM.

A marriage went south. this is MY L in Lesson.”

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