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‘Gym Instructors Are Replacing Us’ -Married Man Cries Out As He Updates His Fellow Men

‘Gym Instructors Are Replacing Us’ -Married Man Cries Out As He Updates His Fellow Men

A married man on Twitter has sounded a warning to his compatriots whose wives go to the gym.

In a twitter thread, the man, @georgenjoroge stated that gym instructors are replacing them.

According to the twitter user, the poses that gym instructors put their wives in during the exercise should be an issue for all married men.

George noted that the gym instructors use their positions of power to “hold various parts of the married women anatomy”, adding that “the institution of marriage is being burnt alive in these gyms”.

Continuing, he suggested that either the men go to the gyms with their wives, or they stop them from going at all.

Below is her twitter thread:

“If you’re married and your wife regularly visits the gym but you don’t, he continued, I have to tell you something. Some gyms refer to the stretching that follows the workout as the “warm down,” while others just refer to it as “stretch.”

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The gym instructor will stand between your wife’s knees while she lies on the ground with her arms outstretched in submission. When she finally lets out a sound that I can assure you has nothing to do with pain, he will take one of her legs and stretch it to the very limit. He will then repeat the procedure with the other leg.

Furthermore, he will then continue to push and pull on various body parts of her as if he had paid dowry for her. Then he will grip both of her knees together and shove them in the direction of her head, forcing her to strike a stance straight out of S@tan’s advertisement manual.

She’ll do that noise again! To comprehend this stance, you must see what these women wear to the gym. In these gyms, the institution of marriage is being destroyed.

When finished, she will bid him farewell in a voice she has never used to speak to you. Her grin will be sincere, and his enzymes will be at their most agitated.

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I must forewarn you as an elder that gym instructors are taking our places! Either we go to the gym with these ladies or we don’t go to the gym at all. Don’t say the servant of the Lord didn’t warn you! “

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