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Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Identifies Simple Ways Couples Can Accomplish Self-care

Family Coach, Elizabeth Badejo Identifies Simple Ways Couples Can Accomplish Self-care

Couples who are intentional about their marriage set out from the beginning to develop a routine for connection, placing their self-care as their highest priority.

Setting routines to support self-care is a clever way to reduce stress due to some of the choices most couples have to make to keep their marriages healthy and balanced.

Self-care does not have to be accomplished alone in your marriage if you both naturally enjoy each otherā€™s company and love doing things together.

Even though it is important to give each other space, this notion can also create isolation especially if a spouse is facing certain challenges or lacks the confidence to express his/her feelings.

Therefore, according to family coach,Ā Elizabeth Badejo, adopting routines that are simple, inclusive, and consistent can boost many marriages and save struggling ones as well.

Coupleā€™s tender loving care

It is easy to complain about all the internal and external challenges you face every day without thinking about the damaging impact they may have on your health and emotional well-being, which is why it is important to look after the physical body and reduce stress.

One of the simple and relaxing ways of caring for the bodies together is by investing in tender, loving care, and making conscious efforts to attend regular coupleā€™s massage sessions, where you can enjoy the shared experience, release all the stress, and improve communication, leaving you feeling relaxed and fulfilled.

A frequent couplesā€™ massage can help keep your marital love flame burning and reduce tension in your relationship.

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Coupleā€™s getaway

All work and no play they say can make you feel dull and miserable as a couple but when you both work hard, it is only fair that you both take care of yourselves by taking time out of your busy lives and prioritising your self-care.

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Perhaps, you have been procrastinating about going away to spend quality time together, it will never happen until it is done. You donā€™t have to go far as long as it is a romantic time spent away from your family and friends; the benefits are enormous and can boost your communication, deepen your intimacy, and build memories together and hope for a better life, caring for each other.

Coupleā€™s guardianĀ 

Even though many couples may not believe in counselling, especially in our society where marital problems are regarded as confidential and should not be shared or exposed to third parties. However, a couple that understands that marriage is a learning process, must be able to trust the process and seek knowledge and guidance to safeguard their marriage.

Couple counselling is valuable for ensuring the self-care of couples in marriage by allowing couples to share their vulnerability with a professional who is non-bias. Unfortunately, many couples are not well informed about the impact of marital counselling, which is a form of therapy that helps couples explore the underlying problems in their marriages and ways to improve them.

Research states that counselling has had positive effects on over 70% of marriages in the western world. The truth is that counselling does not only provide support for a failing marriage, but it also helps couples who are enjoying marital bliss improve their relationship.

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