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Alleged Relative Of May Edochie Drops Bombshell Revelation On How Her Son, Kambilichukwu Died Of Poisoning

Alleged Relative Of May Edochie Drops Bombshell Revelation On How Her Son, Kambilichukwu Died Of Poisoning

An alleged relative of popular actor Yul Edochie’s first wife has revealed how Kambilichukwu, late son of the actor died.

According to the alleged family member, May Edochie is currently going through a lot and contrary to what was reported about Kambilichukwu’s demise, he was reportedly poisoned.

In a video, the relative, during an Instagram live call, disclosed that Kambi was allegedly poisoned with a burger and drink delivered to him at his school.

Clarifying how it had occurred, she said that Kambi was with a friend when he received the package. It was after he had had the meal that he complained to his friend how his tummy was hurting.

The alleged family member added that Kambi didn’t die of seizure as it was earlier reported.

She also claimed that Kambilichukwu’s friend knew who the sender of the package was, but the friends family has been threatened into keeping silence.

The bombshell revelation has caused division on social media as many slammed her for speaking up on the teen’s death without his parents’ consent.

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@Oge Clare wrote, “It is not in your place to speak. Or did May approve?

@Okm Herbal wrote, “Poisoned? She should at least let us know if there has been headway in the investigation. This is so sad honestly. I wish May comfort in the midst of all these happenings

@Dody Services wrote, “They should stop this narrative please, is he a baby that an unknown person will deliver food to him in school and he will eat it? Even my ten-year-old son will ask his class teacher to call me

@Faith Martins wrote, “Why did this Aunty record the call? Did Edochie’s family ask her to post? Allow the boy rest well Biko! Over sabi

@Ohsoyou Jaay wrote, “Hmmm this is deep but it’s not in your place to broadcast for now

@Chic Esosa wrote, “You people better not spreading rumors… A 16-year-old boy is not a child that will just eat burger without knowing who sent it to him

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@Ochy Evergreen Clothier wrote, “I no understand this story, in a private school anyone can just deliver food item for that matter to a student? And he eats it? Is this verified news? Anyone can make any recording to get traffic, which of her family member is this”.

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Recall that May and Yul lost their first son in March. The young champ who celebrated his 16th birthday in January died after he was reportedly rushed to the hospital and placed on medical care.

According to reports, Kambilichukwu had read throughout the night on Tuesday, March 26th in preparation for his exams on Wednesday. After his examination on Wednesday, he joined his friends to play football. While playing, he slumped and developed a seizure.

He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

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