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Frustrated Wife Narrates Ordeal With Her Husband Who Took Over The Business He Opened For Her

Frustrated Wife Narrates Ordeal With Her Husband Who Took Over The Business He Opened For Her

A married woman has taken to social media to seek public opinion as she shares the heartbreaking story of how her husband robbed her of ownership of the business he established for her as it began to develop immensely.

The unnamed woman stated that after she and her husband got married, her husband opened a store for her and informed her that she will be running the business as a family business.

According to the heartbroken mum who understood the clothing line company perfectly, she subsequently told him more about the business and he continued to invest in it.

She said that when the business began to thrive, he began to show interest in it and, in the end, entirely cut her off when the firm began to generate more revenue.

She narrated;

“So my hubby opened a boutique for me when we got married, after work he comes there and stays with me, I later taught him the business and told him to add male wears for me and he did, he invested 100percent in the business, I didn’t bring any money. But he said he was opening it for me as a family business.

In the long run when he saw how I have built customer base and the money I was making, he started investing more in the business, expanded the business and somehow started giving me ownership attitude and started acting like I was competing with him to be the boss in the business.

Long story short, he even stopped me from taking a dime, even if it’s to buy a bag of water, I must tell his sales girls to record, any time I ask for money, he will say I want to run him down financially, So I decided to look for a job.

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I got a job that pays 150k but I miss my business so bad, he has now cut me off the business completely, he has girls that do everything, from the WhatsApp marketing I do, to the stock taking, to accounting, he has put structures in place, now I feel like a stranger when I come to pick the kids from the shop (school bus drops them off at the shop).

Now he just travelled and I just got to the shop, expecting as usual to be the one to do accounting in his place while I instruct the girls but he just called me that he told the girls to tie all the daily money and keep somewhere, when he’s back after 3 weeks, he will do accounting.

Am in tears now, because what in the name of trust issues is this, this has never happened, I always do accounting when he travels and tells him when the girls didn’t account for some money. Now I feel like he just called me a criminal in front of the girls

And he expect me to just sit down and be looking at them work and close the shop with them at night.

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Am really hurt, should I stop going to the shop for this 3 weeks he will be away?

I see this my husband like someone who can surprise me at anytime.

I miss my business, should I save up and start same business somewhere else ? What happens to me 150k job?

I also need words of encouragement from women married to husbands who don’t respect them.”

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