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Pete Edochie Recalls His Near-death Experience With Binge Drinking

Pete Edochie Recalls His Near-death Experience With Binge Drinking

Pete Edochie has been making headlines lately for the right reasons.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the Nollywood legend revealed how binge drinking led to an accident that almost killed him.

Pete recalled how he got into a car accident with a stationary trailer in 1977 as a result of over drinking.

Explaining further, Pete claimed that as he was leaving Nsukka, he fell asleep at the wheel, causing a collision with a trailer, which ultimately caused him to crash into some bushes.

According to the grandpa, he would have lost his life in the collision, but God intervened to keep him alive.

Pete Edochie revealed that before then, he had experienced a near-death experience due to his over drinking adding that he had been kidnapped once.

In his words:

“I drove my car under a truck. I will say the truth, perhaps I had too much to drink. On the 14th day of March 1977, I drove under a stationary trailer in the night and by the grace of God I came out of it.

There was a time I was coming out of Nsukka and I slept on the wheel. I ran into a trailer and it knocked me into the bush. Like I said I have had some close shave but I thank God I am still alive. I have been kidnapped once too.”

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Speaking on the divorce rate in the Nigerian film industry, Edochie whose son, Yul, is allegedly facing a divorce suit from his first wife for marrying another woman, Judy Austin, stated,

“If you come to our industry today, most of our girls who got married about two, three years ago have all left their husbands from beginning to the end.

“I am even shocked that Chioma Chukwuka has also left and Ireti Doyle, Tonto. You take a vow when you want to get married ‘for better, for worse’, ‘not for better for us’. You would always think it is greener on the other side that is a mistake that we all make.

“Of all the girls who have played my daughter in films somehow it is Genevieve I think I love most. I look at her as a daughter and she sees me as a father. She is a very brilliant lady, an exceptionally brilliant lady.

“I have not heard a lot from her lately ever since I heard that she was a little disturbed, whether it is true or false but I hope one day she calls me to say that ‘look, I am okay’. I even tried calling her, I tried.”

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